I just went to pick Sam up from school. Bea was in the car seat bassinet and I set her down while I chatted to another mum and extracted Sam and his belongings. I turned back to Bea and there was a nasty mosquito perched slurping away on her forehead. Without thinking I swatted at it and clobbered poor sleeping Bea on the side of her head.

What’s spooky is that I had just looked up my entry for Sam’s two month doctor visit and read this:

“[…] I certainly didn’t feel as bad as I did when I got home.

I’d opened the car door so he wouldn’t boil as I left him in his seat while I unlocked the front door. When I returned I was horrified to spot a mosquito happily feeding on his leg. Without thinking my immediate reaction was to get rid of the nasty bug and stop it feasting on my son. I swatted it and in doing so slapped my little boy! Oh my gosh I felt like such a bad mother! Sam wasn’t too impressed but actually took it in his stride pretty well. I, on the other hand, can’t believe I hit him, although I did get that swine of a mozzie!”

Weird thing is I haven’t seen another mozzie for weeks now. Well, apart from the ones that swarmed me at a South Carolina rest area on the way up to Charlotte last weekend. Sam and Bill had been fine stretching their legs until I showed up with Bea and the mozzies descended to eat me. I’m a mozzie magnet.

Sam’s having another bath right now. He pooped his pants again as we arrived home. *sigh* I guess it’s nothing compared to what he did to Brandie’s house the other day though. He was playing with Linnea when he suddenly declared he needed the bathroom. Brandie was just calling for me to come help him when he projectile vomited in front of her and all over her floor. He then puked up all over me as I scooped him up and headed to the bathtub. He was a little upset but fun in the bath soon cheered him back up again. Afterwards he seemed as right as rain again so Brandie was happy for us to stay for lunch. All seemed well and I was enjoying watching him play with Linnea’s toys until I noticed that a brown gooey puddle was forming by his feet. He’d exploded a really nasty case of diarrhea and was scooped straight back up and dumped in the bathtub again quick. We hurriedly left soon after I had got him clean and smiling again. Sorry Brandie. Really really sorry.

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