Two months

Hey! I have matching babies! Today Bea and I went to the doctor for her two month check up.

weight 11.9 lbs (11lbs 15 oz) [77%]
length 23.2 inches [78%]
head 15.5 inches [67%]

I just got home and looked up Sam’s stats for the same age and am surprised to find they were identical, although he was in the 50th percentile on the boy charts. Not quite sure how that shakes out though as Sam never looked so porky and poor little Bea is so chubby that she is getting quite sore between the folds where the skin traps run away milky milky and doesn’t see the light of day. We have to make sure to clean in between all her folds and apply nappy cream to help soothe it. I’ve been bad at that this week and was upset to see the sores looking quite painful again at the doctor’s today.

Two months old

After Bea got poked and prodded, given her inoculations (she’s a very brave girl and had to have three jabs and a vaccine drink this morning) and a clean bill of health we popped in on the EAV playgroup. Once again I tried to give Bea some tummy time but she fell fast asleep and is still happily snoozing now.

We haven’t been putting her in her cot very much, that room has pretty much been given the heave ho for her since I noticed rat droppings around her closet, but when she does lie in her bed for nappy changes she has really started watching the animal mobile above her head. It’s nice to watch her choose an animal and follow it around, lose sight of it, then get excited when it reappears again, just like Sam used to.


Bea has also started speaking to us in beautiful enchanting coos. She’ll be sat in her swing and just start making lovely noises. Makes a wonderful change from shrieks and cries.

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