12th December

Oh wow, it’s the twelfth, Bea is three months old already!

She’s really discovered her hands now and often we’re alerted to her sucking on them by the squelchy noises she starts to make as she jams her fingers into her mouth. Yesterday I gave her the brightly coloured flower toy that used to be a Sam favourite and she took great interest in it. Hands actually left the mouth and reached out to grasp the petals. She spent a good while smiling, cooing, intently studying the toy and playing with the attached bugs. She definitely likes to try to grab things and bring them closer to investigate now.

Here in Braeburn Circle the move to Charlotte has begun in earnest. I’m sat in a house full of boxes in various stages of packing. The movers will be coming on Wednesday and taking all our possessions on a road trip. Last night Bill and I started emptying out the attic and have filled the dining room with boxes declared ready to go. This morning when Sam woke up and tottered out of his bedroom I could hear him declare “Wow! Mummy made a mess Daddy!”

He’s eating alphabet biscuits at the moment and just picked up an “M”. “Muh for Mummy!” he proudly stated and grinned at me. At which point it was my turn to go “Wow!”

I did my last parent helper day with the preschool on Wednesday. It was another rainy day with the children getting a little overwrought from being cooped up inside. Sam was a bit of a misery too and his temper came to the surface a few times but I think his deeper issue was that he was really missing Daddy who was away in Charlotte this week.

Sam really made me proud during his Spanish class when he piped up with the correct Spanish when shown some flash card faces. That’s my amazing Sam that is!

Oh rats. Sam just got into one of the packed boxes full of his toys and strewn them across the floor. This place is chaos at the moment!

Beans on toast (with Bill’s baked bread) for tea today makes it a record breaking month of not eating out. Apart from one falafel at Star Provisions, and a farewell meal with the girls we’ve managed to eat home cooked every meal. The farewell meal doesn’t even count as that was a treat from Tricia who had some BOGOF vouchers. Yeah!

Not managed to get hold of my brother in Australia to wish him a Happy Birthday yet. Will try to call again this evening if I can. Sy, I hope you like the cinema gift card and enjoy whatever film you choose to see. Love you lots little brother. *Big hugs*

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