Cookie Monster

Let’s step back in time to just about ten days ago when we waved farewell to Braeburn Circle. Sam had his final fun morning at preschool while the movers came to the house and packed everything up. We spent a frantic morning getting everything loaded up and then I left Bill, his Dad, and the movers to it to go pick Sam up from school. When I collected him I was handed a nice little picture that the Ladybugs had made for him as a farewell gift, a cute Christmas present of a decorated pine cone that Sam had made for Daddy and I, and a nice Christmas card from his teachers. It was very sad to have to say goodbye to preschool.

We hit the road and headed straight to Aunt Mary’s with Bea and Quince as we’d be staying there for a few days while our possessions would be in transit. Sam was very excited to see the horses and goats, and as we pulled into the driveway we were greeted by Enzo, the new dog at Camp Leslie. He is a gorgeous hound rescued from the mountains by Aunt Mary, very friendly and very much reminiscent of Genghis. He is very fluffy, just a eager for love and attention, lays down in Genghis fashion with his back legs splayed behind him, and even does the Genghis dance for food. Big difference in that Enzo is quite content to have a nice new home and doesn’t try to run away though!

Quince was a bit unsettled when we first arrived. He’d already been getting very anxious at Braeburn Circle seeing everything get packed up (he also gets agitated when we pack bags to go away so putting the whole house into boxes had him quite on edge) but then when we got to Camp Leslie he was eager to see his old friends Tate and Alex. Sadly both dogs had recently passed away and Quince hunted around the property looking for them and whimpering as he went.

While we were at Mary’s Bill and his Dad returned to Braeburn to clean up the house leaving Sam, Bea and I to enjoy tromping around in the woods behind Camp Leslie with Mary and all the dogs. That, and just being at Aunt Mary’s and allowed to sack out on her sofa, cheered Quincy up some. Sam amused Mary greatly by being a horse and only allowing himself to be coaxed down the trail if he was being a galloping pony. His horse impersonation is quite interesting and involves putting both his hands out in front of him, almost simulating the horse’s head, maybe?!

In the afternoon after Sam had napped I couldn’t resist making the most of Mary’s lovely kitchen and space in her dining room. Sam and I raided her larder and decided to make some sugar cookies. We had a great time. It was wonderful to be able to have a nice table to use and do a little project with Sam.


As we were just finishing up cutting out the cookies and putting them into the oven Granma Allen turned up and witnessed the fun. Mary has a huge collection of cookie cutters and Sam had a great time deliberating over which ones to use. Christmas went out of the window in favour of trucks, trains, aeroplanes and dogs.


Sam loved making cookies. He had fun spreading flour on the table and rolling out the dough. He also enjoyed spreading colourful icing onto the baked cookies. Best of all, he liked eating the cookies.


Mary mixed up some frosting and sat down to help Sam ice his creations. Sam got icing on his fingers and started getting a bit agitated about what to do about it. Mary laughed at him and showed him he could just lick his fingers. You should have seen Sam’s face when he did as he was told and realised that the stuff was edible and tasted good! Of course, after that no cookie or bowl of icing was safe. He had fun slapping the icing onto a cookie with a little knife, but then it was impossible for him to put it to the side with the rest. He struggled hard to do what he was told and although each cookie would attempt to make its way to the decorated cookie pile, the pull towards the salivating mouth was too much! We had a very happy but sugared up little boy that night.

I think everyone had a lot of fun making cookies that afternoon, Sam’s enthusiasm was infectious. I’m also very happy to say that Sam and I have also been able to do a repeat performance at the new house. We fulfilled my promise to Daddy and when his festive snowman cookie jar got unpacked we filled it with decorated sugar cookies on his birthday. Bill actually returned home from the office just in time to help us cut out and decorate his cookies too. We had a great warm, fuzzy, family moment and all the stress and chaos of moving, and uncertainty about the new house, started to melt away.

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