Quite often Bea will cry and cry, and scream and lash out, and nothing will console her. No matter how much I cuddle her, or hold her up so she can see what’s going on, or feed her, or change her nappy, or anything. She just wrinkles up her face, forms that terrible pucker with her mouth and cries a heart wrenching, desolate plea for help. It feels very strange, totally at odds with how I want to appease her, and quite unpleasant but at times like that we’ve found that putting her in her bed in a darkened room will placate her within moments. Feels so wrong to dump her kicking and screaming on her mattress, but it instantly works. She must take after her Daddy. When he gets cranky it’s best to shut him in a dark room on his own too.

We’re slowly beginning to get things straightened out in North Carolina now. I’m pleased to say that Bill passed his driving test and got his license yesterday. Now it’s my turn to bone up on the correct answers to inane multiple choice test questions, feel the sweat of pressure drip down my forehead and endure the numbing lengthy wait at the office. Oh yay!

Boxes are getting unpacked and I’m very glad that I unearthed one cargo load sooner rather than later. I was dismayed, appalled, and my senses assaulted, when I tore open one securely taped cardboard box only to find that the movers had packed up the big box of rubbish I’d purposefully set aside, and brought it with us! The box was laden with dirty nappies, used pull ups and rotting food. It was not a pleasant sight or smell. I can only imagine how bad it would have been if I hadn’t found it when I did.

I feel like we have wasted a lot of Bill’s holiday getting settled here. Of course it doesn’t help that I’ve had some rough nights with little sleep lately and that Bill has been lovely and let me try to catch up in the mornings while he plays with Sam. We’ve also had a run around trying to work out what we have to do to get the cars legal in NC and in which order we have to do this. Actually, I say we, but that’s been Bill’s job really as he’s done from government office to government office getting documents and paperwork in order. We have managed to get out a couple of times to explore the local area though. We took Sam to a playground one afternoon and he had a fantastic time charging around. Bea and I even got in on the action and took a ride on a purple dinosaur while Sam enjoyed riding a motorbike.


Sadly our experience at the park just up the road when we took Sam to play diggers in the sand wasn’t so positive. A gang of uncouth, weed smoking, filthy tongued wannabe thugs hanging out in the children’s playground really made me feel uncomfortable, intimidated and very angry. I was looking forward to being able to take the children to what seemed to be a nice park so close to our house but now I’m nervous to go there on my own with them. I really hope that it’s clear of such wastes of space after the New Year when schools kick back in and folk go back to work. I think I’m going to make sure Bill is with us when we venture that way again just in case. On a positive note though, it’s just turned midnight (HAPPY NEW YEAR!) and we can hear fireworks and not gunshots! Wooo!

I’m already missing my mummy friends from Atlanta a lot but decided to jump head first into trying to line up some play dates for Sam and Bea and make new friends. Bill looked after Sam on Monday while I headed to a coffee shop with Bea to make contact with a local new mum’s group. I think that went well. They seemed like a nice set of ladies and Bea had a wonderful time. It was really her first time seeing other babies because with Sam in tow we usually can’t join in with the younger ones and she stayed wide awake and engaged the whole time. She didn’t have too much joy with tummy time but loved to sit up and see all the commotion. Not sure when we’ll be able to do that again, but hopefully we’ll at least be able to make it to some of the meet ups scheduled for toddlers later this month.

Charlotte New Moms Group having coffee. (Bea is in the orange, wearing Sam’s hand me downs and looking adorable in them)

I’m particularly sad to be away from my Atlanta friends this week as Brandie just had her second baby girl and I wish I could be there to see Siri Sophie Smith and be as supportive to Brandie as my friends were to me when Bea was born. Very happy for Brandie though, can’t wait to see pictures of the little one.

Oh, and back to my lovely little girl. She’s been scooting around a lot lately and won’t stay in one place. She’s also proved to us that she can flip and roll over but isn’t doing that on a regular basis just yet. She’s also started getting into trouble and this week when I went into her room to investigate her agitated and angry shrieks I was amused to find her following in big brother’s footsteps and tussling with the bumper pad.

Tussling with the bumper pad.

Happy New Year.

I’m feeling very hopeful about 2009.

Although Bill and I’ve had another quiet evening in we had a very special evening meal with Sam while Bea slumbered in her cot. Bill prepared a dinner of pork loin for the boys, while I made a broccoliflower cheese bake for myself. We sat at the laid dining room table, pulled Christmas crackers and had a really nice family moment. Sam impressed by aping me and attempting to use his knife properly to make little tasty food parcels on his fork and although he made a mess he was a joy to watch.

IMG_6255.JPG Christmas Cracker!

Looked a bit like that, except that was Christmas Dinner.

Actually, since moving to Applegate we’ve eaten every meal as a family at the dining room table and it’s been fantastic. I hope we can keep that up after Bill returns to work and when we get a new TV to distract and lure us back to the sofa. We didn’t bother bringing the giant old telly with us when we moved and living without one in the house has been quite refreshing.

For dessert we finished with hot rhubarb pie and ice cream. Good stuff. Sam definitely needed to hit the bath by the time he had licked and scraped all traces of ice cream from his bowl. He played at being an otter amongst the bubbles and made me giggle when he decided to put a “worm” on his little plastic fishing rod. We then had cuddles and hugs in bed while I read him “Little Yellow Digger” and he happily allowed himself to be sent off to dreamland. A very good evening indeed with which to end 2008.

I just typoed loin as lion and that reminded me, here’s a lovely Bea and her Giant Lion to finish off the post with a smile. 🙂

There's a lion in my bed!

2 Responses to Unpacking

  1. ashridge January 4, 2009 at 10:04 pm #

    Love the baby Bea picture 🙂 And Sam enjoyed his Christmas Dinner by the look of it. Really glad you had a good Christmas. Love you all to bits XXXXX

  2. ashridge January 4, 2009 at 10:04 pm #

    Love the baby Bea picture 🙂 And Sam enjoyed his Christmas Dinner by the look of it. Really glad you had a good Christmas. Love you all to bits XXXXX

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