Dori's Playdate

We decided to forego another potentially grueling attempt at a library visit this morning and headed on an adventure down into South Charlotte for a playdate. This was arranged via the Meetup Mummy group and the lady hosting was a mum of two that we had met several times before at other events. Sam and her eldest child, Jeremy tend to play harmoniously in parallel and despite totally ignoring each other seem to get along quite well.

When I roused Sam from his bed this morning and he ran straight into the front room clamouring to watch his favourite programs I told him we weren’t going to be having the computer on today as we’d be going out to play with some other children. Sam scowled and started to flip out and stomp and kick, then stopped. You could see he was thinking…”Other kids? Yay! Other kids! Need shoes, Sammy need shoes on! Baby Bea coming too?” He changed his tune and started eagerly rummaging in the closet for his shoes.

We got a little lost on the way there and I had to call to say we’d be late as I was following Google maps but had somehow missed the interstate ramp and ended up in Pineville. Luckily Pineville resident Stacey took the end of the phone and could tell us where we were and how to get back on track (though Sam did his best to help too and kept pointing in different directions and saying “No, this way Mummy!”). My New Year’s resolution was actually to try to be on time when we arrange to go places, and despite my best intentions I don’t think I have managed to achieve that yet. We hadn’t even left in a rush this morning, we had a very relaxed departure into the car and I’d even set off a little early. Nevertheless as usual we were late when we did manage to find the house, and the last to arrive. This really bothers me. I do really hate to be late.

Anyway, we made it and once we had our coats off, Sam was introduced to Jeremy’s play room and Bea was made comfortable on her mat on the floor I was able to relax, stop being so flustered and enjoy the morning. There were ten other mums with children of varied ages there and Dori had a really nice set up with a kitchen overlooking the living room and the playroom off to one side. Everywhere was perfectly child proofed and Sam was able to just go off and happily play with minimal occasional intervention from me whenever I heard a toddler altercation brewing. This was really nice as I often feel like a hawk standing over my child at many playdates but here he was able to be independent and learn to be social with other children without my adult overbearance.

While Sam discovered Jeremy’s collection of lorries and trucks Bea gurgled and did gymnastics on the floor with a couple of other babies. She is really a social kid too and watching other children makes her happy.

It was also really nice to be able to chat and find out more about some of the other mums I’ve met around Charlotte but not had too much of a chance to really focus on as at our public meetings my attention has always been on Sam, what he’s doing and what he might do next. As the playdate drew on mums started trickling out and taking the younger babies home while the older toddlers were still going strong. It ended up with three of us, and Dori, left. It was really nice to hang out with Dori, Stacey and Alexandra and get to know them better while our kids played.

Sam was the oldest and there were a couple of times when he just walked over the other children to get what he wanted. At one point Jeremy and Cally were arguing over a yellow toy truck and they caught Sam’s attention. In a flash he bounded over and snatched it from the middle of the argument. I was then expecting both Jeremy and Cally to erupt further but I think they were too stunned. They just rolled over and let the bigger boy take his prize. I took Sam to one side and we had words about that. Otherwise he was absolutely great and I was proud of him.

Fun morning. In fact, that’s exactly what Sam said as I buckled him into his car seat for the homeward drive. “Fun morning Mummy! Other kids nice!”

I hope we have another fun morning planned tomorrow too. Must remember to take my camera and use it, could be interesting. That’s all I’m saying.

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