President's Day.

Sitting having a nice quiet moment with a glass of red wine and Gordon Ramsay. Poor Bill was supposedly on holiday for President’s Day today but has spent most of it in bed feeling right poorly. I’ve been running around taking care of the kids and pulling the house back into shape. I almost decided to take the opportunity to take Sam swimming as Bill could be at home with Miss Bea, but wasn’t sure if the pool would be open on a holiday and was reticent to risk leaving sick Bill to deal with an ornery Bea if she had a melt down while we were gone. I do really miss taking Sam swimming and wish I had more hands so I could deal with both Bea and Sam at a pool on my own.

Eventually once I had the house under control and Sam woke up from his afternoon nap he and I went outside to get some fresh air and kick a ball around for a bit.

Nanna and Grandad came on webcam just as I was struggling to get Sam properly dressed for running around in the cold. Bea was also on cam shot and suddenly decided to quietly lie on her tummy and suck her fingers peacefully. Just moments before Nanna and Grandad peeked in on chez Applegate she’d been determinedly getting up onto all fours, rocking to and fro, and rolling around the floor. I don’t think they believe me when I insist that she is a mere whisker away from following in Big Brother Sam’s footsteps and getting mobile.

After running around in the back garden with the boy (oh I am LOVING having a usable lawn to play on) Sam and I had to run errands and go grocery shopping. The fridge was bare so we had to procure something for us to eat that evening. Our shopping expedition got cut short and we had to bid a hasty retreat when the air around my trolley suddenly got terribly pungent. My nostrils recoiled and I really hope that the other customers didn’t think that the foul stench wafting towards them was me. A swift check down the back of Sam’s trousers revealed the nasty culprit and with absolutely no chance of a clean up on the go I hastily had to grab something (anything!) edible with which to pull tea together, pay and retreat. Incredible. I don’t understand. Sam used to be 100% perfect at taking his poops in the potty, and despite a few months of set back he is now back to keeping his pants nice and dry. So why do we struggle so now? It’s exasperating.

I had to cook dinner and then go back out to the supermarket to get the groceries I’d missed the first time. Oh fun.

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