Snow fun.

After a weekend of torrential rain and watching the back yard turn into a large sloshy mess we got a gift from Atlanta last night. Snowy weather blew in from the west and after dark the first flakes started to pile up. Light was reflecting from the white layering up in the back yard and Bill and I were admiring how bright the snow made the garden in the throes of nighttime when suddenly the yard lit up in an electric blue flash and booming shortly echoed the neon. Thundersnow!

Yesterday Sam and I were running around in the back garden getting soaking wet and muddy from jumping in puddles, today we were gallomping around in snow, throwing snowballs and making a snowman.

Sam does not play fair in snowball fights. As I gathered up a handful of snow I turned my back on him for a second. When I straightened up I was faced with him coming at me wielding a very full shovel (adult sized) of snow and cackling loudly. Aargh!

While Bea slept peacefully in her warm bedroom Sam then art directed the building of his first snowman. “Snowman needs…head!” “Snowman needs…eyes! Here’s stones, two eyes Mummy! Needs eyes!”


Snowman also needed lots of twig hair, and the big stick is, according to Sam, his hat. “Snowman NEEDS hat Mummy!”


Sadly the poor snowman did not have a long or very peaceful life for as soon as he was completed he was subjected to being mercilessly kicked in the back and run over by Dump Truck.


After a good run around and obligatory jumping in cold muddy puddles as the snow turned to slush I coaxed Sam back inside with promises of a nice hot chocolate drink to warm up. I’m regretting that already, should have left hot chocolate as a restaurant treat. Now he knows I can make it at home and he is persistently clamouring for more. I don’t think I’m going to hear the end of it.

It still looks as though it is snowing outside now even though the sky is a perfect Wedgewood blue and the sun is shining. The snow is rapidly melting from the branches and creating the appearance of a blizzard in the back garden.

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