A very naughty boy

Sam has just emptied Bea’s container of rice cereal all over the kitchen counter and was driving his diggers around in the flakes, making tracks and piling it up into mounds. He’s now in his bedroom while I take a little moment.

Yesterday he broke the tail off the cool pecking woodpecker Nanna gave him. I think that’s mendable but exasperating as I was right there telling him not to yank on it and he didn’t listen.

We’ve been having a few rough times since Nanna and Grandad left for home last Friday. Saturday was the absolute worst day as Sam was pretty unbearable. We went from having a full house to it just being Sam, Bea and I for the weekend. No Bill as he was in Atlanta fixing up Braeburn ready for imminent rental. Sam had got used to having someone available to play with him at all times and was not happy to no longer be at the centre of attention. Every time I had to be diverted to deal with Bea, or answer the phone he would attempt to recapture my attention by doing things he knows he shouldn’t do. I think this might actually be the first time Sam has really been purposely naughty for me. Every time I turned around it seemed he was in the cupboards helping himself to food or just tearing open packets for the sake of it. He also took great joy in swiping everything off countertops and table and letting it all crash to the floor. I just managed to grab an empty wine bottle from his hands before he decided to fling that too. Trying to purposefully kick Quincy didn’t go down too well with me either.

When sent to his room he has now also taken to throwing his toys against the door in rebellious rage and I have to try to preemptively curb that fit of rage and yell at him about that too.

Little terror. How can he be so adorable yet so infuriating?

Oh yes, Saturday was a particularly rough day. I was sad to have to say bye bye to Mum and Dad, it was tough going back to just me and the kids again with a bump and not having Bill around for the weekend, and it really didn’t help that we were confined to quarters because Daddy had accidentally driven off with both sets of keys.

This week it has definitely been a relief that I have found some good friends in Charlotte. On Monday I actually left Sam with Jen while I went to Bill’s office to do some freelance work (yeah! money!) and then on Tuesday we met at Lisa’s house and all walked through the woods behind her place in search of the playground at Marion Diehl. I always like tromping through undergrowth, not being able to see for trees, and feeling away from the city. A nice cup of coffee before the stroll while the kids played (and Bea got to roam around on Lisa’s floor and stretch her limbs) and chilling with a cold beer when we returned made for a very nice afternoon indeed.

The bit where Sam insisted on stopping to pee on trees on the way to the playground and then somehow still managed to wet his pants on arrival wasn’t quite so hot, especially as I had left my bag of tricks at Lisa’s, but I think I’ll gloss over that part.

Oh yes, Sam is now peeing standing up like a big boy. Suddenly over the last fortnight he has decided that standing to pee is fantastic. Which it is, for both of us. I no longer have to panic when he needs to pee in public and try to work out how to hold him squirming over the germy toilet so he can go. I think he must have had a growth spurt that has helped too as he is now the perfect height to be able to stand and aim himself, without touching the porcelain (most of the time). I’m loving it, that’s definitely one thing that has got easier lately.

Meanwhile Bea is catching up fast and getting mobile. At seven months she is crawling around happily, and now working on pulling up to a stand. Nanna and Grandad’s visit was perfectly timed as they really got to see a lot of development happening while they were here.

Last night I walked into her room and found her clutching on to the cot rails, standing up, peering over the side and gurgling to herself. I was intending to do it this weekend, but that little manoeuvre immediately initiated a drop in the height of her bed! Sorry sweetie.

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