We’ve had a busy week of entertaining at Applegate. Along with my parents we had Bill’s brother Donnie and his two kids visit today, and earlier this week we were very glad to have the company of his Mom and Dad when they came to see Bea and Sam for a few days.

The new house has really made me happy with all these guests as we were able to host and enjoy some good home cooked meals with our visitors. That’s something we were never able to accomplish at Braeburn. It was really nice to sit down over a good family meal with Mom and Dad, and today Team Downes cooked a stonking roast dinner for Donnie, Maxx and Julia. We were a little lacking in the seating department, but being able to sit outside in a beautiful garden on a toasty Spring day hopefully made up for that.

I spent a good part of the time in the kitchen, but got to watch Maxx and Julia being ever so lovely to baby Bea and Sam through the window. They are great kids and were both wonderful with my little sproglets.

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It’s been a very full day and Sam exhausted and outpaced everyone as he effortlessly powered through it. No nap for him at all. He finally reluctantly went to bed and fell asleep happily clutching Bagpuss after Grandad read him a bedtime story. We went to the Metrolina Antiques Expo this morning and he toyed with closing his eyes in the car on the way home, but determinedly fought sleep off and jumped out of his seat with renewed vigour when we pulled into the drive. He then spent a very happy afternoon playing football, charging around on the lawn, and shuffling sand around his sand pit with all his digger friends, and anyone else he could entice into playing with him.

The antiques fair was fun and made a good morning out. Though, I didn’t walk away from it with any bargains, but instead had acquired a red back and shoulders as the sun blazed down on us while we browsed the oddments laid out before us. It was pretty tough on Sam and I felt very bad having to constantly tell him to look and not touch all the curious objects that caught his attention, but he was a really good boy and although he was a definite handful, was not too much of a pest at all. Bill bought himself an old camera for use in an art project he has up his sleeve and Grandad blathered on to some stallholder fueling his hopes for a potential sale of a hefty battered old Welsh bible. Grandad also took control of Bea’s carriage and proudly pushed her around all the stalls.

It’s actually a wonder we got anywhere at all this morning. Bill and I took advantage of Mum and Dad’s arrival and ran off to the pub with friends last night, leaving them to babysit. Yeah! I’d already indulged in a glass of red wine before we left for Sir Ed’s and after a fair few pints of Gaelic Ale down the pub in the good company of Lisa and Stacy, I’m surprised Bill didn’t have to carry me home.

Hmm, maybe he did? It is a bit foggy.

Oh yes, I had a very good night. It was so much fun to be able to go out with Bill, see some good friends, and be a couple again for a few hours.

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