And your fortnight starts…


We have Mum and Dad with us and I am a very happy Kay indeed. Yesterday was a bit fretful as their connecting flight from New York was cancelled and the next available flight kept getting pushed back and pushed back. Poor Sam had been excited at the prospect of a trip to the airport to pick up Nanna and Grandad, moreso because of the aeroplanes than his grandparents flying thousands of miles to visit him, but it got way past his bedtime and I eventually had to make the trip alone.

Once safely collected we got home and although it was past midnight Sam’s bedroom light was still on. Nanna, Grandad and I peeked inside to find little Mr Allen sat up in his bed with half his train set surrounding him. Choo! Choo! He then got to stay up a little later and have a milk and some biscuits with us as it was a special night and it’s not every day that Nanna and Grandad come to visit us from England. Sam was terribly amusing and ever so adorable, and I’m glad he was up because I think it made Mum and Dad feel much better and think that the horrid flight delays were worth going through to get here.

We’ve had a fairly lazy day here at Applegate today. Mum and Bill went to the Farmer’s Market and Costco together to get some supplies this morning and we’re enjoying the back garden where Bill is now firing up the grill to make supper. Grandad and Sam have had a lovely day playing, though Grandad is getting very worn out by energetic Sam. After his late night and hard playing we tried to put Sam down for a nap earlier but the boy just kept on going. Just like the Energiser Bunny he pulled out his drum and banged tunelessly on it while the exhausted adults also tried to nap.

Eventually I gave up on getting any rest and got up. Grandad and I then took Sam and Quincy for a walk down the road to the park to see the sand diggers.

I also presented Mum with her Mother’s Day present this afternoon. I’ve been busy working on a painting for her. She seemed to like it, even though it’s not quite finished yet. Yes, I missed my deadline. Bah. I’ll have to try to fit some painting in so that I can deem it properly finished by the time they leave.

All in all a fantastic day hanging with the folks. Love seeing them with the kids. Bea is getting lots of Nanna hugs and cuddles.

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  1. Anonymous April 8, 2009 at 2:39 pm #


    Makes me smile… I know you will, but do enjoy your visit with your mum and dad!

  2. Anonymous April 8, 2009 at 2:39 pm #


    Makes me smile… I know you will, but do enjoy your visit with your mum and dad!

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