Happy Mother's Day USA

Bill and his mom
Bill and his mom on Mother’s Day.

Granma and Bea
Granma Allen and Baby Bea.

We drove down to Milledgeville this weekend to visit Bill’s parents and wish his mom a very happy Mother’s Day. Setting off on Saturday morning we arrived in the early afternoon and stayed the night before heading over to Camp Leslie for a fun family gathering on the Sunday.

Saturday night saw Granma and Granpa Allen babysitting the kids so that Bill and I could slope off to go see a film. We saw Star Trek and it was super. Had a really good evening gnawing on my husband’s arm in the dark, bouncing on my chair at the awesomeness of it. Nice.

Bea and Sam did not fail to impress with their cuteness and I really enjoyed showing off my little treasures on Mother’s Day, okay, Quince too. Let’s not forget the hairy child.

Mary and Sam
Aunt Mary, Zeke, and Sam.

Had a really lovely weekend.

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