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This was on Tuesday when we went to a HIdden Treasure playdate and picnic at a park in Pineville, about twenty minutes or so south of us. Dori cunningly hid little plastic toys in a corner of the expansive sand pit and the children were invited to dig for buried treasure. I think Bea actually really enjoyed this most as she crawled around with sand between her toes, fingers and in her mouth. Sam surprised me and didn’t seem to get into it as much as I thought he would and didn’t seem to want to do any digging. Then again, he was much more the foreman on site instructing me to do the digging, bulldozer and scraping for him. He’s a slave driver and between us we found many a little plastic lizard and Bea got a red ball to chew on.

At lunchtime Sam wouldn’t let me feed Bea but insisted on doing spoonfeeding her himself. Bea thinks her big brother is cracking.


Bea is very much awake and crawling around the floor in the front room right now. She’d better settle back down again soon, we have a busy day tomorrow. I want to take the kids to the start of the train line in Pineville and ride the train all the way to the end, where storytime at Imaginon will await us. We’re also going to see Lisa and Garrett, Jen and Matilda in the afternoon for playtime at Lisa’s house. Need to wear that boy out. I was going to say that he has stopped napping and still manages to stay up all night fighting us to turn his light off, but he did actually take a very long snooze this afternoon. Nice.

We spent the morning at Space Kidets, an indoor inflatable bouncy castle play space and then went for lunch with the other mums and kids. Sam was excited about going, then once I had paid, declared he was scared (of the bouncies, and one of the other children) and needed “a nice quiet nap,” and lay down on the sofa in reception refusing to move. I pleaded with him and coaxed him into the play room. I had to leave Bea with some friends and their little babies and take Sam onto a bouncy myself. It was fun. Sam found a basketball castle and we bounced around in there together for a while shooting hoops. It was very good to spend that time with Sam again and be able to freely chase around after him. Bea’s a babe, but somewhat restricts my movements and ability to keep up with my boy. Had to keep running back to check on her mind. She was having a good time crawling around with her friends too. Everyone’s happy. Always a frazzled mum, but very happy.

Managed a decent lunch and fed the three of us at Fuddrucker’s with Sam behaving pretty well and not straying too far from the table unless he was seeing his friends, then had to promise him a pool in the garden when we got home to lure him back into the car as he desperately wanted to go back to the “jumpies!” again.

So, got the pool out and Sam into his swimmies when we got back to Applegate (after a wrong turn led to a mini adventure through Charlotte and necessitated phone directions from Bill, thanks hubs!). Bea was tired out and missed all this as she fell asleep in the car and didn’t even wake up when I transferred her to her cot. Spent the afternoon lazing in the warm garden watching Sam enjoy filling up the pool and splashing before quiet time was needed.

Bill arrived home at six to find an undressed Sam passed out amongst a heap of duvet on the floor of his bedroom behind the door. Sam woke blearily when I tried to get in there but was still drowsy and clung to me half asleep. Bill needed a nap too so the pair of them climbed into our bed together for sleep and cuddles. I got to take beautiful Bea and Quincy for a walk while they slumbered. Before we left I peeked in to see two sleeping relaxed faces on pillows. Too cute.

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