I’m pretty convinced that Sam did eat those berries from the bush. He just exploded and had to be hosed down in the bath tub. The mess was vivid and quite shocking and left me with no doubt as to my son’s diet yesterday. I am feeling quite amazed that Samuel actually made it to celebrate his third birthday last week.

“Oh my goodness, it’s hard work that pie-oh crane!” he says as he tugs his favourite birthday present from Nanna and Grandad around with him. They gave him another huge Tonka truck to partner his existing Tonka workhorse and create a construction fleet. Sam now insists that this crane gets read bedtime stories and goes to bed with him. Once Sam succumbs to sleepytime I have to go in and gently disengage pie-oh crane from beneath the covers.

Awesome Pie-oh CraneNot sure what “pie-oh” means…mobile? maybe?

Daddy came home from work for lunch on Sam’s birthday and we sat in the garden having a picnic and watching Sam excitedly open his presents. Bea happily took all the discarded wrapping paper Sam flung aside and tried to stuff it into her mouth, roll around on top of it, and make it crunch and crackle in her fingers.


After Daddy went back to the office it was time to take Sam to his birthday party. I wanted Sam to have a fun playdate on his birthday and thanks to Jen’s generosity had arranged a nice gathering for him at her house. I was very excited, all Sam’s new friends were going to be there, and then hopefully a few new preschooler faces too.

I had everything ready and under control. The car was loaded up with the food and drinks for the party and I just had to put clean clothes on myself and the kids and get over to Jen’s when with cold horror I realised that Quince was missing. Cursed dog! He must have sloped off at some point when we were in the back yard with Daddy. I couldn’t believe that despite planning to be early to help set up we were going to be late to Sam’s own birthday party. Thanks Quince.

I charged around the neighbourhood yelling and calling for that dog with no success. Eventually I was so furious and beaten that I decided we’d have to just drive off and leave him to wander the streets, and hope he would be okay. Sorry, today Sam came first. A battle with Sam to wrestle him into his party clothes and a quick change for Bea, came next. As usual mummy comes last and a glance at the clock had me bundling the kids into Perdie without finding the time to get changed myself. Determined not to be any later than we already were we set off, rounded the end of the street, and spotted a big black dog cavorting with a neighbour. Quincy! Thank goodness! More profuse thanks to the neighbour who was actually on his mobile in the throes of calling Bill as we pulled up and one naughty hairy mutt was speedily thrown into the passenger seat and safely returned to the house. Then, frazzled but relieved, we were off to the party again.

I really hope that Sam’s third birthday will be among his first memories because it was a really super day. The weather was glorious and he had a great time charging around Jen’s back garden with his new friends.

Jen has a wonderfully large fenced yard with clusters of trees and bushes to hide behind. The kids are able to really run around without too much adult supervision. Up the top of the hill is a large granite boulder and at one point the older kids disappeared off to climb it. Lisa went up to keep an eye on them and was amused to find Sam sat atop the rock with surrounded by little girls. One of them told her “I’m the Queen, and he’s the King, and we don’t like princesses!”


After playtime chaos it was time for cake. Can’t have a birthday without cake. This year I made a birthday scake.

Make a wish

Happy Birthday Sam!

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