Wiped out by the sun.

Another bright, sunny and tremendously hot day saw us having a lovely morning playdate at our friend Dori’s house with her two sons and lots of other children and babies running around. Mums enjoyed the easy distraction provided by offspring’s playmates and happily sat gossiping with a stern eye and wagging finger ready to spring into action at all times.

Sam became good friends with a “big fat dinosaur with big fat feet, hasn’t he?” that was motorised and stomped its way across the floor, whenever Sam would put it down. Occasionally its twin would be released from another’s clammy grasp and dinosaur battle would ensue.

Bea wriggled, crawled, rolled around, and generally had a good time being able to roam freely around the shaded screened patio. She’s such a happy little baby and always ready with a smile.

With the glorious weather threatening to melt us we felt the need to cool off and an impromptu trip to Dori’s neighbourhood pool was declared. Sam was already in his swimmies in anticipation of a hose off in the garden, but thanks to Dori who lent me a swimming costume I could go to the pool too. Hoorah! Bea slipped into her swimsuit and tried to cool down in the water but was not so keen on the idea today. She usually loves to bob around in a floatie and paddle herself across the water, but after expressing her extreme displeasure in a tremendous fit of cries preferred to enjoy a swift guzzle of milky milky followed by a sweaty nap in her stroller.


Much fun was had and the chance to cool off in the water greatly appreciated. Too much sun though has made for some very sleepy children and mummy right now and I am staving away drooping eyes and the lure of slipping into bed for a quick nap before Bill gets home. Oh, too late! I hear the front door creak.

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