On the drive home from a very enjoyable meal out with the family Sam was chatting away in the back seat. He doesn’t often drive around in the dark as he’d normally be getting ready for bed and he was commenting on being able to see the moon from the car window. Testing him a little (it’s not a full moon tonight) I asked him if it was big and round? “No, it’s not” he replied. “It’s a rocking moon.”

Bill and I had to get Sam to repeat himself a few times before we fully understood what he was saying. “A rocking moon Sam?”

“Yes, it’s a rocking moon. It’s a rocker, like on a rocking chair. It likes to rock.”

We thought that was lovely, it was indeed a rocking moon. A nice clear crescent moon hanging low in the night sky this evening.

Sam has become full of questions lately. He especially likes to ask things that he already knows the answer to. Then he will repeat and repeat his question ad infinitum. He is also beginning to come up with some out of the blue questions that I have to stumble over with the answers. This car ride was no exception.

“Mummy, trees. Where do the trees live?” Sam is peering out of the window as we drive down some of the prettier tree lined streets of Charlotte. “Where trees live? Trees, where do they live Mummy?”

“Uhm” It takes me a little while as Sam pesters me to come up with a response. “They live in the soil Sam. They have roots that grow down into the earth, in the ground that’s where they live.”

“No! Mummy! Trees live in the woods!”

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