An Applegate Merry Christmas 2009

Despite hopeful forecasts of a white Christmas it was not to be. The snow during the week missed Charlotte by a thirty minute drive and then on Christmas Day the heavens opened and it poured grey, wet and gloomy solidly all day. How miserable. Santa was undeterred though and Sam must have been a very good boy all year as he braved the bad weather and paid Applegate a visit. His sleigh landed on our roof and he stole down the chimney in the middle of the night, his sack laden with gifts a plenty, which he neatly laid out at the foot of the twinkling tree. I hope he enjoyed his Sam baked sugar cookies, tipple of sherry and that the carrots hit the right spot with the reindeer.


We had wedged Bea’s playpen into the hallway outside Sam’s room should he stir during the night. He happily dreamed of diggers doing tricks, dogs chasing cats, Bagpuss chasing dogs and a big jolly old man in a red suit singing “Ho Ho Ho!” all night long though and our cobbled early Sam warning system kicked in at a reasonable morning hour. We stirred to the sound of scraping playpen and then the energetic three year old was funneled into our bedroom where he happily jumped on us until we were awake too. Bea joined us in the bedroom and I fed her and Bill kept the boy contained until freshly clad in crisp new Christmas Day pyjamas we were all ready to investigate the front room together.

Sam raced into the room and was delving beneath the tree as quick as one very excited little boy on Christmas Morning. He immediately spotted all the plastic horses, and random other animals, hiding amongst the wrapped gifts and started to yank them out and make a big pile. Giving us a loud running commentary as he did so.

Bea followed her brother into the room, came to within a nose of the presents, and then lay down. She stretched herself out flat on her tummy and took a moment to watch and see.


When she was ready she followed Sam’s enthusiastic lead, picked herself up and needed no encouragement from us to begin scrambling all over her pile of presents and try to peel back some snowman emblazoned wrappings.


Sam got a kick out of being big brother and would kindly search to find her presents with her name on them. I think Sam had as much fun making sure Bea was enjoying unwrapping her gifts as he did tearing into his own. He also took pride in delivering parcels to Daddy. That was absolutely lovely to watch.


In between unwrapping gifts Bea clambered on to her nice plush rocking horse for a little canter. She very quickly worked out how to climb on and off on her own and once seated the consternation and effort on her face changed into pure joy and chuckles as she rocked back and forth. Thank you for that one Nanna and Grandad, it’s a big hit with the Bea, and Sam, who likes to ride dare devil stunt style.


We had a really fun morning. Sam was very excited to discover his oft requested baby cabbage (brussel sprouts) in his stocking from Santa and was as pleased as punch. So much so that he insisted on taking them to bed with him that night. He closed his eyes and drifted off to dream land clutching a trio of “green leaves from Santa!” in his hands.

Santa also brought Sam a set of toy vegetables that includes a cabbage. Sam and Bea have both been enjoying baking cauliflower in their new oven, stir frying sliced fruit on the stove and making an intriguing vegetable coffee mix in the percolator.


We finished off a nice day with a stonking family Christmas meal. I gorged on roast parsnips, tatties and swede slathered in Dijon Mustard. We pulled crackers, wore crowns and shared lame mottoes.


Sadly I was unable to source a Christmas Pud in the shops over here. Mind you, I was the only one disappointed by no figgy pudding to tuck into. Bill kept quiet but was no doubt relieved and Sam was in heaven with our not terribly festive substitute of green ice cream.


By bedtime we had two very tired and happy kids who had managed to play nicely all day and share all the new toys amazingly well. It was a Christmas miracle. It was back to normal the next day though.

Would like to send a big thank you to everyone who helped Santa fill his sack with goodies on Christmas Day.
Santa brought Bea some Maisy books (Maisy’s Big Flap Book and Maisy’s Big Book of Words) and Sam some new clothes (his favourite t-shirt is now green with a big S and a dinosaur on the front…”S is for Stegosaurus!” from Great Aunt Jenny. While Bea got a lovely set of colourful wooden alphabet blocks from Dee and Rich, and Sam’s eyes opened wide when he unwrapped a Hot Wheels track set. Thank you very much.

Of course, huge thanks to the Aussie contingent too, but you already know what Santa delivered from you. 😉

Hope everyone else enjoyed such a very merry Christmas too?! Now onwards to a Happy New Year!

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