One of Sam’s teachers asked me about Sam’s mad football skills the other day. She wanted to know if Sam had been doing any football classes because he had been enjoying teaching some of his classmates how to kick the ball around and play football in the playground. One of the other parents who had been assisting that day had apparently also commented that Sam seemed to be enjoying himself and of an impressive standard for his age. She also said that Sam had been showing the other kids how to do things that her older child of seven had been struggling to learn at his football lessons.

We’d been meaning to sign Sam up for some sports class to let him run around with other kids and get exhausted, but hadn’t got around to it. These comments coupled with a mailer from the JCC spurred me on to decide to go ahead and sign our little guy up for some sessions for 3 to 5 year olds starting in January. I’d got quite excited by the prospect. Registration started on Monday and I tried to sign up using the online system but kept getting the “member not found” page when I tried to sign in.

Nevermind. Bill and I were going to take the kids to the J on Sunday morning and get some exercise ourselves, we could sign up then. Bill was skeptical that the kids and I would get up and make it down there with him but we managed it. We all had a hearty porridge breakfast and clambered into the car. Sam was actually eager to go to babysitting with Bea and play with some other toys. We got there and dropped the kids off to play and be looked after (Bea always gets coos from the staff when she appears, even when she is wearing full on Sam hand me downs and looks a bit odd for a girl) and I bade Bill adieu as he headed into the gym to do manly things like lift free weights (He griped today that despite a concerted exercise regime he hasn’t lost any weight yet, and on the contrary has gained. Then we noticed that his arms are now twice the normal Bill size and that he can now fit into his skinny jeans again! Mmmm.). Before I headed out into the chilly morning to run some speed laps of the outdoor track and go for a run in the neighbourhood I clutched my credit card in hand and went to the front desk to sign my son up for footie.

Then it all went wrong. Linda pulled up the information and I became aghast when I was told that the program was already full. I at least put him down on the waiting list, then was informed that he was number eight in line. No football for Sam. Sorry sweetheart. When you are old and kicking tin cans in the parking lot wishing that you were a famous football star like Kevin Keegan and playing for Scunthorpe United you can blame your poor Mummy and Daddy for their inability to get you signed up for Stepping Stones Soccer. Our fault.

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