Bathtime for Bagpuss

While the Christmas holiday was a good one, Sam declared he had had enough several days ago and that he was severely missing his friends “very so much”. For the past few days he’d been asking us “Is it preschool’s house tomorrow?” and each time has been disappointed when the answer was “sorry, no, not until Monday”. Last night was finally Sunday and we were able to answer in the affirmative, and Sam happily went to bed without a fuss, eager for the night to pass and morning to arrive. He didn’t even want a bedtime story, refused one in fact. He just wanted to put his head down and wake up to see his buddies.

Of course, when it actually came time to go to school in the morning he had changed his tune somewhat. Though, this may be in part due to the events of the night. I’d like to say that the Applegate crew enjoyed a restful sleep last night, but as Bea appears to be doing some hardcore teething and is awake and upset at all hours that’s not the case and hasn’t been for a week or so now. Just as I had angry Bea settled down again in the early hours and had climbed my cold feet back into bed then Sam’s voice could be heard wailing. The poor little guy had had an accident in his sleep. Mind you, this is now a very rare occurrence *touch wood* and Sam is generally totally potty trained, day and night (overexcitement on Christmas morning notwithstanding, but he did at least try to make it to the toilet that time!). Hoorah! Very proud of him.

I was tired and cold, and Bill had just fallen asleep again after Bea’s last outburst so I didn’t want to wake him up to get fresh bedding either. Sam was incredibly upset at being wet and was already beside himself in tears and shaking, so I decided to go for an easy fix. I just cleaned Sam up, put him in new jammies and brought him to bed with me. Nevermind, I’d deal with the bed in the morning. Sam tossed and turned and kicked me for the rest of the night, but looked ever so peaceful and angelic every time I grouchily looked over at my sleeping boy.

Sam has taken to sleeping with Bagpuss stuffed down his jammies and Bill and I have been in giggles over this. Apparently Bagpuss likes to ride in Sam’s pants. Unfortunately for the little pink and white stripy cat he must have been all snug and toasty down there when Sam peed last night. Poor thing. A soggy kitty was an unpleasant find this morning when I went in to strip the bed. Not laughing any more. I don’t know how many more trips through the wash that cat can take! It’s a worry.

So, to get ready for preschool a tired Sam had to be shaken awake and forced into the shower with Daddy. I’d say that probably did a good job of setting the dial on his mood to foul. Oh a good start to the week and the return to school.

Thankfully the Sam I picked up from school was in a much better state of mind and happily chatted away about playing with all his friends. He was downright adorable when Bea and I walked into the playground to collect him. He broke away from where he was having fun with the other boys, barrelled right over to us and gave Bea the biggest hug I’ve ever seen. Multiple hugs, and multiple kisses on the head and cheeks. As he dragged her around the yard in a bear hug he told her that he loved her and that he’d missed her very so much. Amazing.

On the drive home he happily chatted about his morning and told me all about his preschool job, and he liked seeing his friends but he didn’t get to work with the diggers today.

I actually sat down this evening to write more specifically about Bea, but for the life of me I can’t remember what gem it was she did that prompted me to open my journal. I have just had a lovely bathtime splashing around with her and warming up after my frigid jaunt around the neighbourhood this evening though.

Oh that was it, I was musing on how different she and Sam are. Bea has suddenly taken to being quite demanding when she wants something that is out of her reach. She will stand stock still, and point and yell, and grunt and screech, until I work out what it is she is wanting and hand it to her. Then she will grin. I was thinking that I don’t recall Sam ever doing that. Then I realised, no he definitely didn’t. At this age Sam would have just been doggedly doing anything in his power to get to the toy, or food, or whatever it was, himself. No silly adult required, even if it required crazy acrobatics. Around Bea’s age now Sam had already mastered climbing out of his cot and we’d had to put him in a toddler bed. I’ve not even seen Bea show any interest in trying to scale the walls of her bed. At least, I was just thinking that as I rubbed happy bathtime girl dry with a nice soft towel and put her in her cot while I reached for a clean nappy. That thought ended abruptly right there as I turned back to see Bea’s leg swinging up up up and scrabbling for grip on the side rails. Uh oh!

Oh, something else Sam has never done… intentionally drink bath water! Bea seems to get a real kick out of it and just loves to slurp it up using any bath toy possible. She’ll even scare me by just falling face first into the water to get a good guzzle going. I swear, I do give her enough to drink! She can’t be thirsty!

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