Happy New Year 2010

Said goodbye to the old year by making another batch of delicious chocolate digestive biscuit rum balls, slurping on a rum and coke and dancing to poptastic Kylie in the kitchen. Bea woke up a little while before the midnight countdown and decided to hang out in her playpen to see the new year in too.

With three minutes to go we streamed the New York celebrations on Hulu and watched the time tick through to 2010. Bea welcomed in the new year by wearing a grocery bag (for Sam’s toy veggies) on her head and creating a nice ripe load in her knickers for daddy to change. Happy New Year Daddy!

Midnight Bea

Did a trip to the Habitat ReStore this afternoon, followed by a quick jaunt to the park for the kids. It was wet and miserable and while Bea seemed to have a fantastic time zooming down the wet slides without a care, thanks to her puddle suit, Sam was not so keen on being out in the cold and wet. Bea grinned and squealed and begged for more slide rides. If I didn’t lift her up and put her at the top she desperately tried to walk up the slope on her own. Oh! I’m surprised she enjoyed it so much and kept going after her first trip down the slide today though. When we got to the playground she toddled off up the jungle gym with me following. I didn’t think she would head straight down the slide on her own, but she did, and I didn’t quite get to her in time to slow her descent. The metal slide was sopping wet and she shuttled down that thing like a rocket, flew off the end and landed flat on her back in the chippings at the bottom. Oops. She didn’t seem to mind, and rather seemed to get a kick out of that though!

Freedom Park NYE

We had to bribe him with yogurt raisins to stop him whingeing all the time we were out. He happily found a high vantage point to sit and eat those within the tall climbing frame, then slid down the big slide to rejoin us. His bottom got all wet on the way down and then to add insult he landed in a big puddle at the bottom. Thus ended our family outing to the park and we had to drag Bea away and hug Sam all the way back to the car.


This evening we had another nice sit down family full roast meal together. Quincy missed out on some great plate licking tonight! He’s probably having a super time at Camp Leslie and wouldn’t trade that for a moment’s boost to the taste buds. Missing the old boy (especially when Bea dumps her food on the floor!), but glad he’s in his own little slice of heaven with Mary, Hank and his crazy younger cousins.

Bill's meat and veg
Daddy’s meat and veg.

Sam jabbed Bea in the mouth with the meat thermometer and, not surprisingly, caused a complete melt down from the upset little girl. Yogurt was smeared all over the table cloth by Bea, and Sam chewed up his meal and then spat it all back out onto his plate in mashed mounds before demanding green ice cream. Needless to say we did not oblige him. He then submitted us to a round of on demand belching, which entertained him immensely.

I upgraded Bea to using big girl cutlery as I was about to hand her some plastic stuff then decided it was silly and how could I expect her to learn to use a knife, fork and spoon if I give her something I would have difficulty using myself. She then proceeded to amaze us by intently studying how I was using my utensils, then doing a cracking effort at copying me. Good girl Bea! This of course was before she stuck her hands in her mouth as she ate her yogurt and then wiped them in her hair, and wherever else she could reach.

By the end of the meal both children were in dire need of baths. Into the tub they went until they came out all pink, smiley and clean again.

I’m off to bed now. I’m determined to start the new year off on the right foot and join up with some others for a trail run in the morning. Hope my shoes are dry by the morning, but I doubt it. Soggy feet or not, I’m looking forward to getting out there and working some of those rum balls off.

Night night.

Oh, and I’m just reminded how pleasant it is to be up at midnight on New Year’s Eve and not be shaken by the sounds of gunshots going off around instead of fireworks.

Happy New Year to all my family and friends around the world celebrating the start of a fresh new decade in different time zones.

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