Uhm, mainly lurgy, lurgy in my head, and some running, and a bit about Bea and Sam too.

All plans for heading out to the Whitewater Centre bright and early for a long 8 mile run went out the window this morning when I woke feeling terrible.

I’m blaming Jen.

After my run on Thursday I met Lisa and Jen for dinner and some drinks and she said she was nursing a cold then. Now I am suffering and feeling distinctly grumpy as well as snotty and horrible. Jen is a rotter!

With effort I managed to get up and make everyone waffles for breakfast, and for that moment I felt good and we had a nice family moment scoffing syrup and butter soaked deep pocket delicacies. Then I took a coffee back to the bedroom with me to sup in peace and the next thing I knew I had spent the entire morning, and into the afternoon, glued to my bed having very interesting dreams. Every so often Bill, who was no doubt equally tired and grumpy, and trying his best to entertain and placate two crazy children while I was being a lazy arse, would give me a poke and ask me exactly when I was going to go running. Guilt racked, eventually I was able to prise myself from the covers and climb into my running gear to go put my freshly acquired annual parking pass to good use.

With stuffy head and disgusting nose I didn’t quite manage the route I had intended for this weekend as I abbreviated doing the full planned trail, but I at least managed to add just over six miles to my tally. I did have to take quite a few stops to blow my nose along the way, and it was ugly out there, but at least I’m not sitting here regretting that I missed a chance of getting out and taking advantage of a moment to get out on the open trails. I am however in need of reminding exactly why I have signed up for doing an 8.2 mile trail run out there in just two weeks time. What exactly has possessed me?! The trails were pretty nice to look at, and soothing to pound today though, as the leaves were all crunchy underfoot and the water I passed by (and managed not to tumble down the hill into) frozen around the edges.

Feeling rather groggy again right now but I’m hoping that I’ll still be able to put in a showing at the hash tomorrow. The hare is laying trail around Renaissance Park so it should be a good one, and I’ve been looking forward to it for weeks. Gutless, do not let me down! Nasty cold, bugger off!

Meanwhile, the lurgy can also be blamed for the brevity of yesterday’s post. I should have had a lot more to add about the day’s events. It was a pretty rough one and Sam and I butted heads quite a lot as he went from trying to destroy one thing to the next, and paying no heed to my admonishments or pleadings to not break *insert object here* as he relentlessly went on to break said items. It wasn’t all bad though as we had a nice playdate at Jen’s house in the late afternoon and the kids enjoyed playing with Matilda and her toys, and I decompressed with some adult company.

Before that though, in the lull while Sam had been sent to his room to play in disgrace and then put himself to bed, I got some good quality Bea time in and great amusement was had out of giving her a pot of yogurt and letting her loose with a spoon to feed herself with.


Of course, this was very quickly followed by full bathtime, and she was as equally adorable in the water getting clean as she was getting dirty.


I woke Sam up at this point to join Bea in the tub before we went out and he was just a little thug when he bounded into the bath. Any opportunity he could get to crowd Bea and push her into the hardware, or steal the toys she was playing with, he would take. I was so exasperated with the boy, and very incredibly glad to flee the house and take him to Jen’s for the rest of the afternoon.

OK, my brain is no longer working and I’ve rather forgotten where I was going with this, so I will bid you adieu and good night.

Night night.

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