What's in a name?

Sam has suddenly started coming out with names for many of his toys, and Bea’s. I’m finding it really quite fascinating as he seems to have absolutely no problem creating sounds to give to objects. I think it started when Bea received a rocking horse for Christmas. Sam decided that it needed a name and just like that he christened it “Gheekeya.” Really. Not “horsie” or anything obvious like that. No grand deliberation, with dead on certainty he just pulled some crazy name out of the air, and that was that. Bea’s pony is called Gheekeya. Oh yes, the owner of the horse may have something to say about this eventually, but for the moment it’s Sam’s rules!

Just after Christmas I was watching Sam happily sat on Daddy’s lap playing Spore with him in the dining room. Together they were designing the next generation of alien species to inhabit Daddy’s laptop. Sam was intently art directing the creation of an eight (green) legged, four (green) eyed, green creature. When it came time to give the new life a name, again there was no hesitation from Sam, easily plopped from his lips and a consternated Bill would then have to figure out how to spell the names Sam would come up with.

This post has been sitting on my laptop for a couple of days now as I had my head in freelance code for while and then finally succumbed to the dreaded lurgy proper. I took to my bed for the day yesterday feeling pretty rotten.

Bill took Sam to and from preschool and when he came home to spend the afternoon with super grumpy not very fun sick mum he crawled into bed beside me with his Diggers and Dumpers sticker book that he got for Christmas. He’d already done a stellar job of matching the stickers with the empty shapes on each page and now he loves to just flip through the book and visit his friends. We must have spent an hour poring over it yesterday. Sam drove me absolutely batty pointing to each digger and asking “What’s he called?”

At first I would peer at each yellow image and make a guess as to what type of construction vehicle it was, but Sam would scold me “Nooo!” until finally he elaborated and asked “What’s his NAME?!” So then we had to go through and give every single digger, dumper and fork lift a name…. “He’s Moorven! He’s called Dargee! That one’s Woolton and she’s called Mottee.”

Jargee, and names that rhyme with Jargee are a big favourite with Sam. That’s Jaar Gee, with a long a sound and a distinctive emphasis on Gee. Sam is very particular in how the syllables are said and quick to correct me if I don’t repeat it quite right. At the weekend I was absolutely stunned when Sam announced that his friend Bagpuss was now called Jargee. That stuck for a mere day before thankfully he changed his mind and yelled at me “No! That’s BAGPUSS!” when I gave in and referred to the little pink cat as Jargee, as requested. Little stinker. At least three of the sticker diggers are now called Jargee though, and many more are Dargee, Zargee, Fargee, Margee, and it goes on. There were longer names too but my slow and befuddled mummy brain can’t handle even attempting to spell those right now.

Eventually my poor fuzzy head had to get rid of the eager little boy pest and get some rest so I suggested he go show Bea his book of diggers and dumpers. That gave me a whole half hour of peace and I enjoyed listening to Sam going through and telling Bea all their names, and Bea babbling happily back to him. My children being nice and enjoying each others company, amazing.

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