While we were sleeping.

Sam managed to move a chair down the hallway without either one of us hearing, take it into Bea’s bedroom, and climb into the cot to play with her. Then, Sam got undressed. Then Sam undressed Bea. The first we knew about what had been going on was when naked Sam climbed into the bed between Bill and I.

“Mummy” *kick* *kick* “Bea’s nappy is dirty. I was playing with her in her cot. I looked in her nappy and it was poop, and I smelt the noise, and I smelt that, a lot of times. I had to change her. You have to change her a lot and I was trying to change her. I had a very big morning.”

Oh gosh.

As the words registered I stopped giving my wriggling boy a hug, sat bolt upright, hauled myself out of bed and into Bea’s room. Happy, shrieking, chortling, naked Bea was in her cot bouncing around. No nappy to be seen, dirty bottom bouncing all over the sheets. By following my nose I retrieved a very full and loaded nappy discarded beneath her bed in an unruly tangle of Sam and Bea’s clothes.

Thanks Sam.

It is no secret that I am not a morning person, and this is definitely not my favourite way to wake up and start my day.

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