Going the extra mile for one’s child.

Well, one sure fire way to ensure the addition of extra miles to one’s run is to, against better judgement, allow one’s darling daughter to carry her newest prize possession in her arms while in the jogging stroller. We set off for our afternoon playdate/run with friends in a mini convoy of double joggers with Sam stubbornly nestling his friend’s toy fire engine in his lap and Bea spitting out a “miiiine!” and giving me a fierce look and a head shake when I tried to extract her dolly from the fingers and put it safely in the car ’til our return. Somewhere en route past the “cute fire engines” I had to calm a distressed Bea and scold her big brother for messing with her seatbelt.

Sometime just before mile two it dawned on me that Snuggle Pea was no longer buckled in securely close to Bea and maybe that was why Bea had been so distraught. Yet to be proven, but I suspect a wayward Sam for ejecting dolly into the traffic.

We followed our double jogger friends (with me getting super jealous as I viewed the pretty flowery running skirt hauling ass up ahead of me in the heat) back to their home and finished our three and a half mile circuit. Sam and Bea then got to play and have fun with their friends while I got an ice water refill and had to head back out on a search and rescue mission.

Past mile one and with no sign of the fallen, I was already trying to come up with how I was going to replace Snuggle Pea so that the gift givers would never know what fate had so quickly befallen their present to their darling granddaughter. I’d covered half of the route with eyes roving all around me when success hailed me victor.

There, at mile 1.67 lay a lonely little blue Snuggle Pea by the side of the road. I scooped her up victoriously and ran onward, triumphantly ignoring any strange looks that passing drivers were giving the crazy woman running with a stuffed toy.

Back at our friend’s home Bea ooohed and squealed when reunited with her love. Happily being doting mum to her dolly she hugged and pushed Snuggle Pea around in a little stroller for all of a minute before pushing her to the floor and wandering off to climb on a train table.

2 Responses to Going the extra mile for one’s child.

  1. ashridge May 1, 2010 at 12:46 pm #


    We are relieved that you retrieved Snuggle-Pea from the gutter, you’d have been in deep water from the gift givers otherwise! But since the gift givers haven’t actually met Snuggle Pea yet she could have been replaced without their knowledge. I trust Bea will be burying pieces of Lego in the garden as a reprisal when you get home. Go for the digger scoop Bea, it’s the big yellow thing, bury it deep 🙂

  2. Anonymous May 1, 2010 at 5:16 pm #

    I will always think of Snuggle Pea around mile 1.67. So glad she was recovered.

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