After hot and humid days in Charlotte the UK is feeling decidedly nippy. Before leaving for England I had a pre-holiday freak out and cold-heartedly purged my old and ill-fitting pre-pregnancy and maternity wardrobe. Yes, even having dropped several dress sizes I had still been walking around wearing clothes meant for ladies with bumps and mismatched garments often initially bought over a decade ago. Boxes of discards hung around the house for several weeks as I dithered over saying farewell to so many old friends but eventually I steeled myself and a local thrift store received a rather large boot load of donations. With Bill’s blessing I happily splurged and filled my closet void with bottoms that will actually stay up around my waist and tops with more length so as not to ride up to expose my shy mummy tummy. Giving up on the now alien world of fashionable clothes I decided to opt for function and fitness, and ordered my wardrobe from the shelves of outdoor recreation brands. Unfortunately this meant that I arrived in England with a holdall mostly full of shorts and I am being brave and relentlessly wearing them regardless of the weather. Apparently we’ve had some nice warm days since we’ve been here and I’ve heard many comments complimenting the seasonal warmth England is enjoying I am far from being convinced. It’s cold and rainy out today and I am reminding myself of a refrain that I’d often hear coming from Mum and Dad’s mouths when we’d go camping in Cornwall and be forced to miserably trek coastal paths in the rain. “Legs will dry quicker than trousers!”

I’ve just got back from a very damp and soggy walk across Whitchurch Down with Molly and Dad, and am thankful for the quick dry properties of my Mountain Hardwear shorts. Not too many other people out in the rain up there today. The ponies are in the majority up by the cricket pitch today. Watchful mums staying close to pretty little foals were gathering with the herd up at the top of the lane as we walked up and over the Down on our way to get some milk from Whitchurch Post Office.

Time to get lunch underway for the kids now, want to get them over to see Nicky at the farm this afternoon.

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