Cats can swim.

I live with an authority on cats. Sam knows everything about them. You can’t tell him anything about cats that he doesn’t already know. Especially little green kitty cats. After all, he is one.

Recently I have been learning that cats can swim.

Dogs can’t.

Oh! Except for Molly dog, she’s a good swimmer. She’s really good, oh and Grandad can swim too.

But cats, they can swim really well. Especially little green kitty cats.

When we get to the pool Sam eagerly wrestles his blue swimming vest out of the bag and impatiently demands help putting it on. So he can swim like a little green kitty cat. Little green kitty cats wear swim vests, then they can swim. They can’t swim without their vests.

With his vest on Sam is a happy little water feline, a-splishing and a-splashing his way around the pool. He won’t go out of his depth, but we’ve made great strides in getting him to be more comfortable in the water. Kitty cats love the water, but they like to be able to touch the bottom.

My little green kitty cat is also the proud owner of a shop you can visit.

Cat’s own shops.

Sam’s shop moves around a little bit, but the owner is always there to guide you if you get lost and can’t find it. It’s a toy store and the purring storekeeper welcomingly invites you in to browse. He’ll then smirk and grin when you request to purchase a specific toy, and sneer “oh no, we don’t sell…balls!” Oh no, kitty cat toy shop owners don’t sell balls, or dolls, or cars, trains, scooters, or bikes. They don’t sell blocks, or bricks, or puzzles. They don’t seem to sell much of anything, but they do love to tell you that they don’t have whatever it is you want.

Occasionally little green kitty cats decide that they have had enough swimming in the big pool and would like to play in the sprayground for a while. When we relocate I then suddenly have two little green kitty cats frolicking around in the jets of water. Sam races around on all fours, purrs, miaows, does cool tricks (cats do cool tricks) and occasionally comes over to me for a quick tickle behind the ears and to curl up in my lap. Bea loves her big brother and is soon emulating him, trying really hard to get him to notice and love her back. She’s not quite so agile and quick, but she has the licking and pawing down perfectly. Her copycatting is also beginning to pay off as Sam is softening and gets excited when Bea is a kitty too. Sacred fleeting glimpses of angelic children playing together can be witnessed, even if they are both cats. Precious moments.

This evening we met Daddy at the pool for a dip after he finished work. When Bea wasn’t entertaining us by floating around the pool holding onto a noodle with her legs outstretched behind her brave, courageous, Bea was jumping off the side right into the depths with a splash, and loving it. It looked like fun, but Sam was not about to try jumping in too. Daddy promised green ice cream for afters if he did try jumping in. Suddenly little green kitty cats can jump. They are amazing jumpers and make big splashes. Next thing I know as I am getting Bea out of the pool to get changed to go home I turn around and catch Sam throwing himself off the side into Daddy’s arms. Again and again and again. Little green kitty cats are fantastic jumpers, and they like to jump into water!

Later that evening as we were sat around eating our apres swim pizza treat Sam happily announced “I did the biggest jump in the whole world ever today!”

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