Conflict Resolution

She won’t accept the role herself, but Bea really wants her ginger tabby kitten, Humbug, and her medley of other assorted animal babies to have a caring mummy who will look after them. While Sam is the proud owner of two lovely soft cats just perfect for parental roles he adamantly refuses to allow Bea to play with them. I’m backing him up on that one. Some special toys do not need to be shared.

In the midst of the latest outpouring of angst and temper I persuaded Bea that Charlie and Lola would love to look after her baby animals and be their mummy and daddy. Charlie agreed and said he’d like to take them on a picnic and eat cupcakes in the woods. Behind a screen of softening sniffs and tears Bea took the hook, brightened up considerably, and busily launched into setting up a lovely spread.

It was delightful peace listening to Beatrice play animatedly for all of five minutes before Sam then decided that he really needed to occupy the exact same space. No other option considered. The screeching started up again as feet and elbows were used to kick and push the merry picnickers to one side. Transformers and war machines stormed the scene in force and informed Bea that a battle was approaching.

Just as I was about to despair, in mid tantrum crescendo Bea’s voice suddenly pierced through the racket with a silencing question.

“Can’t we just play together?”

Sam quickly processed and leaped on that thought.

“Yes! The babies can watch the battle fighting, and once we’ve blasted all the bad guys we’ll have a picnic!”

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