Just had a brief encounter with Melly and Sy online, hoorah! (Mel being in Australia and Sy in Devon) Will hopefully have a better chance to chat with the two of them later this week though. Dad even made a brief appearance too. Fantastic.

Thanks to Red Penguin have had a couple of ideas on how to sort out that stripe on the left of the page, will attempt that tomorrow though as I think I have had too many Grolsch to coherently meddle with the code now. Have just pasted in the bit Red gave me for now and it’s better already, but I think I might have thought of a way to sort it out properly. Fingers crossed and I’ll figure it out at some point this weekend.

Just as Red disconnected for the night Vile came back online and I watched Jackass and hung with him in Wayland for a little bit. Am going to stick some bits of wood together with glue (hopefully without getting any on the carpet) and then crawl into bed now.

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