Yesterday evening went in with Sy and Mel to wish Grandad a happy 82nd birthday and to deliver his cards and pressies. Stopped off at PC World first so that Mel could take back Sy’s Christmas present and get a refund or credit note.

Sy pulled into the car park and hit the brakes as he slammed into a space. My seatbelt snapped undone and I flew forward! ARGH! Made sure I sat on the other side on the way back.

I wanted to get a USB hub for my pooter, I am fed up of having to lug my tower case out in order to change USB cables, I’m sure I’m going to break something soon. In fact I’m also tired of having to disconnect one item I’m using in order to plug something else in. Grrrrr. Sy however talked me out of a purchase saying he knows a bloke who can get me one a lot cheaper. Hmm, oh yeah? S’okay it is all legit, but I just hope that he is right about it. Want a hub!

Got to Nanna and Grandad’s a tad late, as usual Sy got lost on the way. Apparently he does this every time.

When we did get there Nanna took a look at my ring under a magnifying glass and was most amused when I explained why it looks like it does. Heh.

Returning back home over the moors Sy was his usual manic self. Eeeps. Was most relieved when there was a car coming the other way when we reached the “jump”!

Late night scrabble with Bill was highly frustrating and incredibly close. The lead switched over several times as we both alternately struggled with terrible collections of letters (no vowels!) or amazing hands. Also had a couple of spots of bad luck with “foreignisms” being disallowed. *growls* Speak English!! Final score: 244-223 to Bill. Grrrr.

And NO! Just because you won, and no matter what you say I will NOT get naked on cam! Bill, you are a wicked, wicked boy! *scowls* There, and now everyone knows it! Hah!

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