4 days!!!


Woke up at half past 8 with good intentions. Was jolted into the day with the popular sound of Radio 1 and have recollections of Foo Fighters, Eminem and Holly Valance all rolling into one before I succumbed and sleep overtook me again. Next thing I knew it was gone midday. Oog.

Got it together in time to go to my penultimate Taekwon Do session. Ouch! I hurt now.

Raced home, showered and zoomed over to Rebecca’s house so I could drive her over to Cheadle where a spanking new food mixer was calling her. Nice little jaunt out of town. Brum vroom!

Watched Rebecca cry when she went to pay for her mixer and the cashier automatically wrote Mrs Kent on the collection receipt. She was so not happy!

Wrestled grimly with the bottle brushes that would not come off the shelving unit. They had been threaded onto a stake to which they had become quite attached. As is always the way Rebecca went to ask a member of staff to extract said brush from the rack, just as I managed to wrench it loose. Hah!

On the drive home passed an amusing sight. A “log cabin” by the MacVitie’s factory all decked out and adorned with Christmas lights, with a chain fence surrounding it and a large “Danger High Voltage” warning sign planted next to it. Heee. Kodak moment, where was my camera?!! (The sign actually of course refers to the power generator or electrical whatnot that is housed with the fake cabin!)

Just completed my first Christmas present wrapping of the year so I’m all ready to go out to Holly and Paul’s Crimble Party in a few minutes. Hoorah for presents and pretty wrapping! And a big hoorah from my tummy in anticipation of the yummy chilli that awaits me this evening. Yay!

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