40 days deadline for the Police Check..

…and still nothing has dropped through the letterbox.

Just got through to Devon and Cornwall Constabulary to be told that I am the fifth person today that they are having to chase up. No status seems to be available on the database and the lady I spoke to is going to put a call out to New Scotland Yard to find out how the processing is going and get back to me.

Did get a letter addressed to me this morning. An invitation to interview for the part-time receptionist post at the swimming pool on Monday. Finally a response, and although it’s not exactly a thrilling prospect a job I could potentially walk to and from would be grand. *fingers crossed* Would still need to find another job to go with it though, especially as I think I’d probably get about the same cash signing on as I would from working that position. Gah.

Yikes, and it appears March is a very bad month for mixing bones with TKD. Just got an email from my kick arse friend up in Manchester, she took part in a competition on Sunday, won the gold for patterns, then broke her foot sparring. *sending good bone mending vibes up North*

She also confirmed that the Didsbury TKD club was ITF too so that’s cool, though this leaves me more confused about the different three-step sparring that we were doing on Monday. Hmm. Yay! TKD tonight 8-9pm anyway, fun fun fun.

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