Ack, so I’ve been slacking in the posting department again.

Immigration Progress
Well, we received a letter from the NVC dated 1st August saying that the file is now on its way to the London US Embassy. In the hope that I could cut some time off the next process I then posted all my Packet 3 forms to them registered mail. London no longer open provisional files but I am hoping that if I’ve timed it right they should receive my forms just after they receive my petition from the NVC and all should then be well.

I mailed the Embassy last night and was most impressed to find an email waiting for me this morning:

“We received the petition from NVC on August 6th and sent out the packet 3 documents to you on the same day. We have no record of receiving the packet 3 documents from yourself and if these were sent in in advance of the petition being received from NVC you should be aware that we are not able to open provisional cases.”

Drat. Well, hopefully my packet is still in transit then. *fingers crossed* Else I’ll have to wait til I get back to the UK before resending Packet 3. *curses*

So at the moment our timeline looks like:

28th Feb 2003 – Filed I129F petition with TSC, Notice of Action #1
21st July 2003 – Petition is finally approved
26th July 2003 – Received NOA #2 in the mail to confirm approval
29th July 2003 – Petition Received by NVC
1st August ’03 – NVC finish processing.
6th August ’03 – London Embassy receive our file
6th August ’03 – Packet 3 mailed to me

Engagement Ring
Wheeee!!! You remember back in February we had a small disaster with my engagement ring when the diamond shifted loose and fell out? Well, it was repaired and resized ready for when I arrived to Bill in May. Except, typical, I have mutant fingers and now I was unable to force the ring back over my oversize knuckle. Poop. While I’ve been here we visited a couple of jewellers and got my finger measured and remeasured to be certain about the correct ring size (I think the problem was actually that the US and UK use different systems and there might have been some confusion there) and sent it back off to Klaus to do his magic.

The package was returned last week and I was so excited I couldn’t wait for Bill to get home from work before tearing it open happily. Got my ring back. Got my ring back. AND it now fits! Well, as near enough as it’s going to on my farmer’s fingers, dammit!! Looks even better now too. Klaus had to totally remake it when he reset the diamond, although he promised that the metal used is the same as the original. That diamond isn’t going anywhere now *touch wood* and the setting and proportion have been tweaked a touch

I am one very happy girly.


Okay, I’ve run out of time now. Bill just called to say he’ll be around to pick me up in a minute. I’m going into the office with him because he’s got tennis practice this evening and I’m going along to watch. Means we have to leave straight from his work though so I’m going to pootle around there with him. He’s a happy bunny too because he got new office space yesterday and he’s much more settled and bouncy now. Gained some desk space and a shorter walk to the loo in the process. No more having to run up and down a steep flight of stairs all day either. Right, I’m off, must go pack something for me to do this afternoon.

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