Got up early and went in with Dad to the Eye Infirmary in Plymouth in case he would be unable to drive after his appointment. (Thankfully nothing too major, problem with his eyelid that’s all) Sat around for several hours being bored enough to read the gossip magazines (hmmm nice pictures of celebs with cellulite and grand photos of some person I’ve never heard of who was apparently dead famous and appeared in Fame Academy, wonderful.) Got me so very excited I was almost sick. Must have read all the funnies and Life’s Like That in the Reader’s Digests too.

Anyhow. Spent the morning with Dad which was good anyway, sat and enjoyed crap hospital coffee together until he was finally seen by a doctor only to be sent home again. No minor surgery performed today though which I guess is a good thing.

Took Molly for a walk to the Post Office this afternoon. Went out over the Moors and then back on the pavements to try to get her used to walking nicely on those too. Almost scared the crap put of me when she went and stood right next to a Dartmoor Pony and would not come back to me. Heard her squeal when the pony had had enough and decided to kick out. Thankfully she wasn’t hit, stupid dog.

Then she went and chased a bicycle that whizzed past us. She was a good girl that time though and came back when called. And when I had to tie her up at the Post Office she was a true star. She’d not been left outside a shop on her own before and I am pleased to report she didn’t cry at all.

Got back home minutes before Mum pulled into the drive to collect me and take me into Tavistock on a few emigration errands. Unsucessfully managed to buy a decent sized (and cheap) suitcase and then went to browse in the local jewellers. Wasn’t very impressed by the selection though. Also drew a blank on possible shoes to go with my dress. Will be having a proper search for stuff in Plymouth on Saturday though.

Was still beautiful weather this evening so after Neighbours Mum and I took Molly over to Cadover for a walk and swim. Put my cossie on just in case but chickened out and held on tight to Molly’s lead while she played about instead. Mum went full on swimming though.

Watched a fantastic Changing Rooms this evening too. Oh it was superb. First episode of a new series with Lawrence presenting this time. One lady really didn’t want a pink, fluffy, girly bedroom and unfortunately that was what she got. In tears she was when she saw it. Oh dear. Sorry to say it made for very entertaining viewing though.

Made a pact with Mel that this Friday we are going to go out, drink many cocktails and be merry. Looking forward to it. Dammit, only got a few more weeks in Devon before I head off to the UK. Not going to spend this Friday night sat at home like I did last week. Sucks. Very glad Mel won’t be working that night, should be fun.

Ended the evening having a chat with Bill. All in all a pretty good day.

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