Just got back in from a nice evening out with Bill. First we watched Joe Millionaire 2 and then he took me out to eat at The Vortex . We were supposed to go grocery shopping but got engrossed in Joe Millionaire 2 and ended up getting too hungry to go to Publix. That show is unbelieveable. They have a new fake millionaire male and this time around he’s supposed to be a filthy rich Texan cowboy. And as most of the American public must now know the show they have relocated to Europe and have enticed 14 European ladies to play romantic warfare for his affections. It’s all very sordid but just oh so gripping. Thankfully no Brits are involved, the shows European contingent only actually consists of 5 nations: Germany, Czechoslovakia, Italy, Holland and Sweden. Mainly rough looking girls at that, and oh so catty. Can’t wait for the next episode.

After we had burgers at The Vortex we headed across to the StarBar for Karaoke and had a couple of drinks each. It was very quiet tonight, and the singing appalling, though while we waited for the karaoke to kick off we were sat listening to the most entertaining rerecording of Pink Floyd’s The Wall as a collection of country tunes. Simply stunning. We hear they are playing the StarBar on the 12th, gonna be there!

Luther Wright and the Wrongs

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