Bill came home and took me out for lunch today. We went over to Grant Central and shared a veggie sarnie, then I went into work with him for the afternoon. We took the Mac in with us so I had something to play on too. Been working on some graphics stuff for the wedding and doing some web research.

Then this evening we went back down to the YMCA to use the gym. My second time there and Bill guided me through some more of the equipment and made me feel less nervous. Afterwards we wandered upstairs to see if we could spy on the Karate class that takes place at the Y. Excellent, found the room and there was a nice big window there so we could look in on the kicking. Disappointingly there only seemed to be two students today, I wonder if that is usual for the Y? Regardless I decided to go in when the session finished and I introduced myself to the instructor. He seemed nice enough and fairly welcoming. Think I might be giving it a go next Tuesday. I’ll need to buy a pair of appropriate shoes first though, the floor they train on is rather rough and wrestling boots are de rigeur. Think I’m going to have to try to brush up on my TKD before then too, Tang Soo Do is apparently a form of TKD and very similar so I think I’ll probably have to show the instructor what I’ve done so far. Eeps.

Oh, and I remembered something comic from last night. Jim was serving at the bar and had a splint on his finger. He’d manage to break it by slamming it in a car door numerous times. Nope, don’t be sick, that’s not the funny thing! What was amusing was that he was uncapping bottles and decided to strap the bottle opener to the splint. Ouchie!!

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