I’ve now managed to get to Tang Soo Do twice and thus far it’s great. A little strange and I keep fluffing up but hopefully I should be able to get the hang of it and simply correct the nuances of TKD to the more decisive Tang Soo Do without having to start from the bottom all over again. Last night my instrutor told me that the next grading is in January and he thinks I should be able to grade at whatever the next equivalent colour belt for Tang Soo Do is. Means I really need to pay attention and catch up quickly though. The instructor keeps giving me funny looks when I don’t understand the Korean terms he uses, as if he’s wondering what sort of a TKD class I used to go to where they don’t use Korean. The truth of course is that he might well be using the same words, but without that Mancunian accent he might as well be speaking Greek at the moment. 😀

Monday night Bill and I were to be found down the StarBar again. Was a great night, karoake is the best, and we stayed out far later than we probably should have. Nattered with Jim at the bar and heard all about the endangered mermaids at Weeki Wachee Springs, Florida.

On the wedding front we now have a great guy to act as officiator and Bill has asked his friend Sonny to come along and provide musical accompaniment on his guitar. Things are coming together. Mum pointed out that it’s now only 5 weeks until they arrive, along with Nicky and Lynsey! Wow!

Back in the office with Bill today. Hoorah!

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