Bill is currently out roaming Atlanta on a mission to get some more bandages and gauze to dress Quince’s bad leg with as we came home from work one night last week and discovered that Quincy had somehow sliced his leg rather badly while we were out. It’s not healing very well and we are blasting through the first aid supplies. Poor dog, trying to look after him.

I had Tang Soo Do again this evening. Had a great time and much kicking was done. There was another instructor helping out tonight as well so we benefited from two sets of eyes and experience. Did lots of work practicing kicking the dummies, that was great, didn’t have those in Manchester. Am really enjoying getting back into martial arts again and this class seems perfect so far, my only quibble is really the lack of sparring we seem to do. I haven’t once seen anyone practice in any other way than on the dummies. I’m really missing that aspect of Tae kwan do. I’m hoping that maybe this will turn out to be something they just haven’t got around to yet, or that they are concentrating on other skills at the moment.

***6 days later***

Ooops, well I was writing that last Tuesday and almost a full week has since passed. Now I’m sat here waiting for a guy who, Bill thinks, is supposed to be coming around this morning to do a job for him. No sign of him as yet though and the morning has passed. I need to jump into the shower but I can’t because I’ve convinced myself that as soon as I get naked and soapy he’ll show up, and we can’t have that.

Yesterday marked the “one month til the wedding” point and we spent Saturday afternoon in Atlanta finding Bill a suit to wear. Or rather, he went on the hunt for attire while I skulked about the shop in the upstairs ladies department because he wouldn’t let me see what he was buying. Said it was only fair as I won’t show him my dress. Bah humbug.

Despite the winter drawing in and it getting chilly Bill and I decided to go to the Drive-In on Friday night. We saw Kill Bill (wonderful, and over all too soon) and Gothika (pile of poo with some interesting less stinky bits) snuggled up in the truck. That was cool. Giggled lots at the four girls in the car next to us who were obviously having a great night and didn’t even care that they didn’t have a corkscrew, had managed to cork their wine and struggled happily to get at the liquid through most of Gothika.

Oh and before any of this, last week, a week ago Thursday to be precise, it was Paul’s birthday and a surprise trip to the bowling alley was arranged for him by his partner. I don’t think Bill would normally go bowling but seeing as it was his friend’s birthday he went along and even played some games. I think I’ve only been once before, many years ago with Mum and Dad and I certainly didn’t really know what I was doing and felt very silly next to everyone else, however was much more bouncy when I got a little chain of spares going and then finally a couple of strikes. Whoo hoo!! We had real problems with our lane though and kept having to reset it maually throughout the games, and then at the end the computer kicked us off before we’d all finished our bowls. I’d just got my strike and was clawing my way back too, dammit. I changed back into my trainers and was ready to go when the alley realised the mistake and set us back up again. I switched back into the luscious green sparkly bowling shoes that made my feet feel like they belonged to a clown and bowled my final balls. Now, if I’d done this properly I could have had a chance to catch up and accumulate mondo points after my strike, but oh no, I’m British and my ball turned into a lame duck. How very Tim Henman. Bill won, double dammit.

What else have I been up to? Hmmm, well we’ve been busy working on the house and fixing up a few things. I now also have a chest of drawers to put my clothes in thanks to hours of hard labour scrubbing, sanding and waxing a manky looking item of discarded furniture back to (almost) beauty and full health again. Hoorah!

Am now really missing giant bars of Dairy Milk chocolate that you can really sink your teeth into, Bountys, Boosts and basically every proper chocolate I can eat that can only be found back in Blighty. I’d also consider killing for a decent curry, a Fallowfield Chicken Kebab (preferably Saajan, or I’d certainly consider a trip around the corner to Withington for a La Zeeza) or a round of Chinese takeaway with Nicky. I also have mad cravings for that delicious Sainsburys’ Morrocan Fajita kit I used to buy in Didsbury and the scarily red and very staining but absolutely delicious Tandoori Tikka curry sauce mixed with paneer and naan bread. Mmmmm.

Bill made me pancakes last night 😀

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