On the way into BrightHouse this morning we almost got turned into roadkill by not one, but two idiotic breakdown trucks. Bill avoided one truck pulling out haphazardly in front of him and then couldn’t believe it when another pulled the same maneouvre but hit the brakes right in front of us. We had to career out of the way and narrowly missed ploughing straight into him. Really annoying thing (as if almost being goners wasn’t enough) was there was a policeman directly adjacent to this in the HOV lane who was engaged in dealing with a driver. Did he even look up or bat an eyelid? Hell no!

Took the truck and went back home this afternoon to walk the dog and make the place a little more habitable. Also managed to go the YMCA for a bit and finally got my ID card done. That was quite a laugh actually, the guy would take my pic then ask me if it was okay? I couldn’t help but make him take it again and again for me, and of course each one looked identical to the last! Had me in giggles though.

Oooh, Bill’s finished, we’re off to the scratch and dent store to source a dishwasher! Whoo hoo!

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