Lessee, what did we get up to this weekend? Uhm…Saturday was a gorgeous day so we drove over to Candler Park and took the dog for a long walk. We followed the bike trail across to Little Five Points, up over to Inman Park (via Zesto’s for a cool milkshake) and back to Little Five to drop in on the StarBar.

Jim was there with his mop and amusing tales of one of his old dogs who was completely mad and liked to eat lightbulbs and whole packets of staples. Jim ploughed through a huge bag of McDonalds and lucky Quince got in on the action too. He was astounded to receive an ashtray full of fries from his Uncle Jim and almost couldn’t believe his good fortune. Bill, however, couldn’t believe his dog had just been fed an entire dish of chips and wondered what said dog’s bottom would be like later.

We hung out there for a bit before walking a tired dog back to the truck. We passed a little independent bookstore that was having a closing down sale along the way and took it in turns to look after Quince or browse inside and Bill managed to pick up a couple of bargains.

Back at the house I did some work on the StarBar site as it had got all screwy again. Having tightened it back up I passed out for a little while before going back down to the StarBar to synchronise the online files with the files on Dave’s computer. We had a few bevvys and watched Jim & Joel get ready for their show at Nine Lives before deciding we were rather hungry. Decided to treat Bill to a curry at a place down the road. Still haven’t found a great curry house over here, but that meal wasn’t too bad. The hunt for a decent curry continues. Had a nice time out regardless. It’s just nice to have a proper sit down meal like that every once in a while. Although we find ourselves eating out fairly often it’s pretty rare to find us sitting down and having a restaurant meal together, so that was very welcome.

Returned home to veg out, snuggle and watch the first installment of the special edition box set The Fellowship of The Ring that Bill had borrowed from Jim earlier.

Once again we failed to make it to the gym on the Sunday but at least we had a fairly productive day. We took the mountain of recyling over to the Farmer’s Market and bought lots of nice tasty nutritious veggies which were later marinaded and prepared for the grill. We worked hard and cleared more of the leaves from the front yard and made headway on getting part of the yard cleaned up ready for planting, and then rewarded ourselves by pulling out the BBQ grill again and cooking up some delicious nosh. Mmmm.

Watched the rest of The Fellowship of the Ring and some of the special features. Bill watched a lot more than I did I think, I remember he was still up watching them when I put myself to bed. 😀

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