A black hole but with words

Well, haven’t made it out the house yet today, and I don’t think I’m going to either. *sigh*

Have mailed off some job applications though and now I need to decide on a colour to paint a dining room so I can go and get some paint later.

Next on my list of things to do is come up with some top notch answers to a couple of job application questions I’ve been pondering all weekend:

“Give an example of what you have done to build a good team spirit when working with others. Please include details of what you did, how you went about it, the outcome and what you learnt.”

The customer.
“Describe the best customer service you have experienced and the key reasons why the service you received was so good.”

Our Product.
“If you were asked to provide information in a WHSmith product which you are passionate about, what would it be and what would you say to help sell it to the customer?”

Good grief, this is doing my head in! It’s only for a shop assistant position as well!

It’s the teamwork one that is particularly stumping me at the moment, seeing as I always seem to be pootling about on my own it’s a bit tricky. Dammit.


Then I must do some more to my site if I’m not going to make it out of the house to do anything productive today. Kaypow.com needs building! Rarrr!

Also want to have a little whinge about my Wacom Tablet while I’m at it. It’s fried. Double Dammit. Annoying thing is I think I broke the USB cable when I tripped over the lead. My bedroom setup (or lack of it) is beginning to really get to me. I NEED my pad, I am so useless with a mouse it’s crap, and come to think of it my mouse is only half working too. Grrr.

Sy kindly made my pad wireless for me, now I guess need to find out if Wacom can supply spare cables for the old Intuos pads. I’m presuming not, but *fingers crossed* else I’ll have to fork out far too much cash to replace it. Grrr. Grrrr.

Mmmm, I got to speak to Bill twice yesterday. Unfortunately that was instead of online communication, not in addition to, as his net access is down completely. 🙁 Still, it was great to be able to wish him goodnight and hear his voice again. *bounce*

Hmm 38 days since NOA1 at Texas, dammit not even halfway to 90 days yet. 🙁 *grumps*

*tootles off again*

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