a bundle of joy

Life was better but still pretty crappy til I got into work today and Chris informed me that the Alabama 3 are playing Manchester University in November. (The 19th to be precise) Whoo hoo! Downside being that it’s a Tuesday, but still, yay! Somewhere to go and be silly! Splendiferous. Must drag Rebecca out.

Meeting yesterday was uneventful, meaningless waffle from my boss and not much else so I’m still in the dark really as to what is going on. However, I did score a coup when I managed to get work to agree to letting me author Flash stuff in MX. Finally! I feel a lot happier now in that respect now anyway. Should be able to finish a couple of projects I’ve been stumbling over as I’ve been trying to unsucessfully backcode using 5. Excellent. Am also hoping that if I can play it right I might get to do more Flash features after all.
*fingers crossed*

Got to hear (in a roundabout way) what Team Leader #2 has been up to recently. As usual he’s swagged all the best things for himself to do but I’m not convinced he can ActionScript at all, likes to pilfer from Flashkit and just says strange things as he tries to come across all knowledgeable. However, I was amused as he sat there explaining what a variable is and what it does to me. Hah. Clueless.

He was also going on about how he’s been collaborating with a developer for ages trying to get a Flash games score database up and running and was trying to work out if it was possible. wha?

Oh well, I cut at 5 anyway and headed home. Got there, meant to get ahead with the @build on Nyarnia but keeled over on the sofa and zonked out.

Annoyed Matt by refusing to go food shopping with him so he had to go on his own. Really Matt, I did appreciate it. Thanks. Mmm cookies.

When I did wake up annoyed Matt further by logging straight into Nyarnia where I was a complete ray of shining light, sorry Pengs. Well done for putting up with me. Despite best intentions (as ever) only managed to write one more room before giving up and happily allowing Vile and Pengs to distract me. Yes, much thanks to Vile for talking joyous rubbish with me and getting me back on the road to boingyness again. Red geeked out into ASCII at some point never to return, he was missed. (well, scapegoats aren’t so much fun to tease and torment if they don’t respond are they?)

Am slightly disappointed this morning on checking out his blog that there is no ASCII picture beaming out from the ether, was half expecting greatness there. Oh well.

Hooray, it’s FRIDAY!

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