A day at the seaside

Last Sunday saw Simon take Mel out for a driving lesson, with me accompanying them. It was a beautiful sunny day and we went to the beach. Yay!

Drove up to Widemouth Bay and had a little picnic while watching dogs frolic and dig in the sand. Wish Bill could have been there.

Mel and Sy play with their video camera

Melly gets overexcited by the sea air

my brother and I

OK OK, it was sunny, but this IS England so it was still freezing cold!

Went on to Bude afterwards but got there too late and all the shops were shut. Drove around and around in circles trying to find the way back out of the town, must have done a tour of all the carparks before we found our way. Mel got quite concerned that this was on purpose and that Sy was actually looking for doggers. Eeeew!

Watched some really bad skaters at a skate park in one of the carparks. They were abysmal.

Then we drove back home again, somewhat faster than the outward journey as Sy took to the wheel. Eeeps.

Devon and Cornwall looked really beautiful. I really wish Bill had been able to see more of the area when he visited, it was always so foggy, wet and grey over Christmas. Made me wish I was going to Atlanta straight from Manchester, that would be no problem. It’s going to be tough leaving the West Country behind, even if it is so friggin’ chilly all the time.

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