A spider's tale

Grifter asks, “speaking of bugs, hows the spidey?”
pinKaboo says, “spidey got massacred”
Grifter asks, “i thought you lost it?”
pinKaboo says, “sprayed and jumped on until it was smeary”
pinKaboo says, “except we’ve now found out she had kids, and there is probably a whole army there now”
Grifter exclaims, “the legacy continues!”
pinKaboo nods
pinKaboo exclaims, “aaargh!”
Grifter says, “kinda like freddy and jason – it just keeps going on and on and on…”
pinKaboo says, “ugh I hope not”
pinKaboo says, “we’re thinking of destroying the mailbox thingy now and erecting a different one without arachnid habitat”
Grifter smiles, “hmmm, sounds dodgy to me – sure there isn’t some law protecting spider habitats? :)”
pinKaboo exclaims, “better not be!”
Red Penguin calls the P.S.A.G. (Protective Services for Arachnids in Georgia)
pinKaboo exclaims, “nnnnoooooooo!!!!”
Grifter says, “i hear there’s a 6-month waiting list to get permission to destroy your spider’s habitat, subject to an exam of the habitat in question”
Red Penguin hears quite the same.
pinKaboo sobs
Grifter winks, “cheer up, in that time you can get to know the spiders, and who knows, you might become friends! ;)”
pinKaboo is not cheered up at all
Grifter shrugs, “there’s just no helping some people!”
Red Penguin nods.

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