A treasure trove of interesting finds

Couldn’t do any painting for Mr Prout as there is a distinct lack of paint. Instead I helped to clean the cottages ready for the next guests when they arrive tomorrow and did five hours fairly solid hoovering. Tired now, arms hurt.

Was broken in very quickly when the first cottage I had to clean revealed some nice surprises. Went into the bedroom and was confronted by a pleasant array of Durex packets, grubby looking tissues and used condoms. Lovely.

Cleaned them all up so I could hoover, and approached the bed with caution. Checked underneath to see if that was safe, and found a dead mouse. Great.

Also on my travels I found a pair of dirty smelly socks stuffed down the back of a sofa, a fluffy dog toy under a cushion, some discarded hair ties, a nice warm wet patch of suspected cat pee, and a ten pence piece. (ooh, a tip!)

But, back to the condoms. Just “Eewwww!” Why would anyone leave such a horrid mess for others to clean up? Do other people have no shame? Grrr.

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