Afternoon moseying

Bill had an interview re some work up past Alpharetta so Quince and I were left to our own devices this afternoon.

Had a little nap and did some reading through of the Visa book Bill bought, until I got despondant and daunted and decided to chase a not particularly playful Quince around the house instead.

Took the opportunity to finish making a Valentine’s Day card I’d started back in England. This proved tricky as I couldn’t find any scalpels and had to just use scissors. Don’t think it turned out too badly though.

While I did all this I was hanging in Nyar hoping that Red would show. ‘course I didn’t realise that Bill’s Mac had booted me and I was no longer actually connected. By the time I realised this Pengs had been there for about an hour. Botheration!

>>email from Pengs:<>message ends<<

oooh, very funny!

Chatted to Red for a little while, though he seemed distracted. Probably geeking out on something. Bill then arrived home looking somewhat tense, hugged, then hit Unreal Tournament and caused mega destruction for a while.

pinKaboo got in the way.

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