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Okay, one last push to get up to date here, this is getting tiresome!

Tuesday 31st December – New Year’s Eve
Alarm went off at ungodly hour, tried to ignore it a little longer and clutched my duvet while through sleep blurred eyes I watched Bill get up and start to pull shit together.

Lasted half an hour, then had to get up, dressed, help him load the car and take him to the airport. Bah Humbug.

Managed not to get stuck in lift this time, though not for want of trying as I tried to take one even though I was on the correct floor already. Duh. Good job I had Bill to set me straight, we could have been trapped in an elevator all day and he would have missed his plane. That would have been so tragic.

Clung onto him as long as possible and saw him through the nasty doors I wasn’t allowed to go through. Bleargh. Bye Bill. 🙁

Went to pay for parking, whew, got there one minute before the next payment barrier. UGH! It didn’t accept the £2 coins, argh! Couldn’t go get change cos then I would leap into the next price bracket and the charge would double, not fair! Stood and hassled people for change til I managed to get the right coins. Phew.

Made it back to the car park and tried to get into someone else’s car. Completely forgot Sy had lent me his and mine was in Tavistock. Doh! Don’t think anyone saw.

Headed back to the flat and clean, clean, cleaned. Took a whole heap more stuff to a charity shop. Took me a while to find one open on New Year’s Eve too, but when I did, they got practically everything. Went back to the flat and, yup you’ve guessed it, more cleaning!

Was supposed to head down to Tavistock that afternoon but I hadn’t counted on the flat taking me so damn long. My collarbone is still aching from all that scrubbing I had to do.

Rebecca and Ruairi phoned up to see if I was going to Andy and Sarah’s to see the New Year in. Got a very upset and unhappy Kay on the phone.

They popped in on their way by at about 9.30pm and found me still cleaning. Ruairi kindly sorted out the lampshades for me and Rebecca took a couple of things I thought she might find useful that I’d set aside for her.

They went on down the road and eventually I gave up, freshened up some and headed down after them. By this time all the shops were of course shut and all I had to offer the party was a can of Strongbow. Which I promptly drank. Hadn’t eaten anything but a packet of Pringles all day, combination of forgetting and not having anything in the house, made it to Sarah and Andy’s and devoured much cheese. Umm. Sorry. I’m a bad guest!

Watched everyone play Buffy the Vampire Slayer board game, then took part in a drinking game involving a pack of cards and much Scrumpy.

Midnight…Wooo! Happy New Year!

Got a call from Matt on the mobile and wished him Happy New Year.

Got twitchy and cut out early from the party to see if I could get hold of Bill and get a reasonable night’s sleep so I would be fit for driving down South the next day.

Tried phoning Bill when I got back, no response. 🙁 Then as I put the phone down he phoned me! YAY! (Found out days later that he prolly doesn’t know I even tried ringing as he had no handset connected to his landline at the time, doh!) He’d got back safely. *bounce*

Went to bed.

Wednesday 1st January 2003
Argh! Got woken up early by the landlady trying to get into the flat! Dammit! She was supposed to be on holiday and I’m sure we’d agreed that it was okay to leave on the 1st. UGH.

Jammed the last of my stuff into the car and did yet more cleaning. If the landlady doesn’t agree that I left the place spotless I am going to cry!

Finally read the meters, put the keys out on the table and left the flat early afternoon and headed off down South.

Nasty weather. Zooming down the motorway the new windscreen wiper Sy fitted fell off and landed on the windscreen. Couldn’t see a thing and had to limp off the road at the next exit. Stopped and fixed the problem, or at least I thought I had, only for it to happen again 20 mins later. This time I lost the fitting to the road.

Pulled off with no visibility again, panicked for a bit as I had no idea where I was and couldn’t see a thing in the rain, then had a brainwave. Used my hairband to tie the wiper back on as a temporary measure til I got home. Yay, worked a treat! Phew!

2nd Jan through to today
I have been mostly…

…talking with Bill regarding wedding plans and immigration.

…getting personal documents and details in order to try to make the process go more smoothly once we get started.

…trying to fit my possessions into a tiny space. UGH.

…having a very nice meal with some of Sy and Mel’s friends and playing with Toby the Springer Spaniel who came to visit.

…sorting out getting the last pay cheque I am owed from work.

…job Centre – Went down on Monday to transfer my claim only to find the office closed for refurbishment. There is however a special Benefit’s Bus that seems to magically appear at certain hours twice a week. Went down to see them today, they have no facilities whatsoever. Oh boy! This is going to be fun.

…applying for highly prized shop assistant jobs in Tavistock Town Centre. Oh yeah!

…screaming at Yahoo and webcams that don’t seem to want to behave. Grrr.

And that, I think, is about where I am up to at the moment. Phew.

Happy New Year!

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