Another very uneventful weekend it seems.

Started fantastically by getting mum and dad into a grump because I didn’t get out of bed until very late yesterday. But hell, I was up til stupid o’clock crying my eyes out with frustration trying to connect to the internet to talk to Bill.

Internet bandwidth this week has been pathetic. At one point I dialled up and only got a connection rate of 9.2kps, and whenever I did get a reasonable connection it just kept cutting out on me. Not disconnecting as such, just the server would stop responding and I would be sitting there not knowing whether I wasn’t getting any text because Bill had wandered off and was doing something, or because my connection had died a silent death. Wanted to scream and throw my pooter out the window.

Finally managed to hold the first half-decent IM chat with him before he went off to play tennis yesterday, and even better, got a real phone call from him too. YAY!

Sat around and watched youth telly with Sy and Mel, a case of beers and a packet of Pringles in the evening.

Mum and Dad returned from their evening out with Dad looking like a Lump Monster following a suspected allergic reaction to some crab. Trip to casualty to see the doc for him.

Late night waving at Bill once everyone else had retired for the night. Cheered me up no end as for what must be the first time all week my connection made it to 36kps and we were able to have both webcams on at once and pull silly faces at each other again until he had to go have a shower as he is a stinky boy. Eeeewww!

Today, as yet, nothing.

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