Arachnid alert

Last Thursday week I finally decided to brave Vile’s neighbourhood and take Quincy for a walk down the block and back. Took a very happy doggins on a stroll, it wasn’t raining and lots of people waved and smiled, all most unnerving, but so far so good.

Got back to the house and went to see if Viley had any mail so I could bring it in for him. As my hand descended towards the little pull-handle I froze.


A really evil looking spider crept out onto the spot I was about to touch, housekeeping on a wrapped up bug, and waving it’s little pointy feet at me. It was incredibly shiny black with a little red mark on it’s tummy. Scared the crap out of me. Now, I have never seen a Black Widow before but I did a little googling and I did not like what I found. *shudders*

Went back to take a photo of the icky thing so I could ask Viley about it, but it was gone; and the mummified bug was now hanging in the small cave above the mailbox. Ugh. Hates it I do.

Now I have to eyeball the mailbox every time I go past, but thankfully evil spider has not been seen again. Though, actually that’s a bad thing cos I want to know where the hell it is so I can stamp on it (or rather, get Vile to, I’m going nowhere near.)

Spiders are bad. Squish squish squish. Squishing is good.

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