Drove into Accrington at lunchtime to attempt to purchase flight ticket.

Now, I’ve been plenty of times with Chris, but never on my own.

Got there okay, even managed to park easily, but then it all went wrong. Somehow I got totally and hopelessly lost on the way back to office, must have taken a wrong turn. Nothing looked familiar and found myself driving around and around a roundabout trying to get my bearings.

Decided on an exit and of course it was totally wrong, ended up tearing down a motorway, completely in the wrong direction, heading away from work (yay?!) unable to turn around until the next exit and roundabout, without a clue where I was either.

oh my god I suck!

Just got back to the office, shamefaced…”only” 30 mins late!..

..and, without a ticket to Atlanta for my troubles either as I couldn’t find a travel agents in Accy that sold the ticket at even vaguely similar prices to those I got online. grrrr (Will have to try again in town tomorrow.)

Did, however, purchase a rather lovely piece of pink flowery Barbie fabric – wow!
Now how did that happen?!

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