Atlanta trip: Leg 1 (Tavistock to Manchester)

Friday was a busy day. Raced around trying to find some presents to take with me to the States. Wanted to get Bill’s parents a nice book of Dartmoor photos and legends but couldn’t seem to find one. Ended up doing a dash into Plymouth in the afternoon to try and find what I was looking for. Ended up with a book of photos by a local photographer which had a few good stories and tales of local life and the situations in the images. Mum and Dad liked it so that’s a good sign.

Also finally found a copy of a book (present for Bill) that I’d been searching for for days in Purple Haze. GAH! It’s hard to shop in Devon! Glad I managed to get that though as I’d been ready to pop into Manchester from the coach station and buy it from Magma, which I know stocks it. Saved me lugging my suitcase through Piccadilly, yay!

Was up til late on the Friday night, still packing and frantically trying to sort out all the last minute stuff I needed to do. Still managed to check in periodically with Bill though, was going to have to be offline from Friday night til I got to see him at the airport on Sunday evening so I had to stock up and get my fix.

Didn’t sleep much, too excited, kept running things through in my head and worrying that I’d forgotten something important. Also wrapped pressies ready for Valentine’s Day.

Mum gave me a lift to the Bus Station.

Bretonside Bus Station 07:40

Hee, showed Bill the Bus Station while he was here, took him to all the nicest places.

Tried getting a photo of Mum as the bus pulled away, but my digital camera is no good at taking pictures from moving objects. Booo!

Waving to Mum

Thereafter followed a rather boring coach journey during which I reread Brady Udall’s “Letting Loose The Hounds.” Love it.

Witnessed amusing altercation between an old couple. The lady was most annoyed that her husband didn’t have her mobile on him, despite the fact that she gave it to him “two days ago!”

Whoo! Finally made it to Manchester and was stoked to be able to get off the coach on Barlow Moor Road and not have to go into town then back out again. YAY!

Stayed the night with Sarah and Andy, and whiled away the night with them and Holly and Paul. Stopped by the Metropolitan for a quick drink, then back to theirs for delivery pizza and more drinks. Very excited by this point.

Would have been good to catch up with Ruairi and Rebecca too, but I believe they were in Basingstoke that weekend. 🙁

Sunday morning I was amazed because true to their word Brian and Julia dropped by to say hi before I left. This was impressive because they had been out drinking heavily the night before. Got an engagement card from them, awww, thanks guys! 🙂 *happy Kay*

Andy was most fab and gave me a life to the airport. *bounce*

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